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Make the Notes client check the attachment size BEFORE sending the email

: Domino Administrator / Data Storage and Management
: attachment, limit, server
Paul Mooney2039 - 10 2008 / (16)
Currently you can set a max size attachment for an email on the server.  You can do this using configuration settings or even rules (more complex).  I have a problem with this.  No matter what way you set this, there is nothing stopping a user attaching ANY size attachment to ...

Put the Space Used column back in the Files view of the 8.5.1 Admin client!

: Domino Administrator / Data Storage and Management
: % used, 8.5.1, domino administrator, administrator, administration client
Chris Farrell647 - 14 2009 / (7)
If you have installed the 8.5.1 administrator client, you may have noticed that the Space Used column is missing from the Files view.  I, for one, find this information very useful.  I opened a PMR with Lotus support concerning this and was told "it was decided that "Space Used" ...

Transfer a folder of documents between databases

: Domino Administrator / Data Storage and Management
: transfer, documents, email, folder
Paul Davies12381 - 01 2007 / (2)
We often get asked to transfer folders of email between users (i.e. on role change).
This is similar to the linked idea for calendars, but for email messages.
I have written an agent that copies entire folders from one users mailfile to another users mailfile. Having this functionality ...

Column for Master template in Admin client

: Domino Administrator / Data Storage and Management
: adminstration, view, database, master, template, column
Martin Vogel2502 - 27 2007 / (0)
For a better overview "which name has a 'master template'?" i would like to have another column "master template" in the admin client.

Policy controls to enforce consistent replicas

: Domino Administrator / Data Storage and Management
: replication ediscovery
dan lynch140 - 02 2010 / (0)
Desire to have policy-driven settings to ensure local replicas are identical to server copies, consistent and in sync whenever possible, and which prevents the creation and management of asynchronous replicas.  Although end users never seem to, nor known how to, change replication settings, it is technically possible.  This is a ...

Ability to easily distribute\revoke a secret encryption key

: Domino Administrator / Data Storage and Management
: encryption, keys, security
Jean-Yves Riverin371 - 21 2008 / (0)
Actually, you need to mail or export the secret key.
It would be good to have a mecanism to allow distribution of secret encryption keys.
Also, it should be possible to revoke a secret encryption key.
I know it pretty tough to do because you normally need the ...

Option location for cluster location when registering a new user

: Domino Administrator / Data Storage and Management
: cluster
Jim Soper618 - 16 2008 / (2)
There should be an option to choose a separate directory to store a mail cluster replica when creating a new user.  As of right now there is only an option to add a server.  At our company we have a few separate sites that both have mail replicas on 1 central ...

Extended Database Properties - Attachment Information

: Domino Administrator / Data Storage and Management
: attachment, size, admin, client
Marie Scott3790 - 28 2008 / (3)
Extend the database properties to include information about attachments in a given mail database.  For example:  number of attachments, amount of database storage occupied by attachment, average size of attachments in database.  This could then be extrapolated to the Administrator Client as an optional column in the Files view - to ...

A visual user interface to the Transaction Log, per-database

: Domino Administrator / Data Storage and Management
: transaction
Mike Woolsey5040 - 01 2011 / (0)
I wish there were an interface to the Server's transaction log to view -- frozen -- prior versions of an application that the transaction log could produce. It'd be great if I could copy documents from those earlier, read-only versions "frozen in time".
Very often I need information about ...

Allow to specify a maximum size for email archives

: Domino Administrator / Data Storage and Management
: size, administration
Jos Janssen1463 - 27 2011 / (4)
In order to allow users to save email archives to CD/DVD there should be an option to specify the maximum size for archives. 

Empty email (NSF) for DR purpose

: Domino Administrator / Data Storage and Management
: this idea is specific for dr(disaster recovery) situation.
Jacques Page644 - 14 2011 / (3)

This Idea is specific for DR(Disaster recovery) situation.

I think it would be great to be able to create new copy of NSF without any of the emails it contains. (Design and basic docs only)

The Idea would be to have a full system back in operation with a super ...


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