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XPages - Native support for RDB access

: Domino Designer
: xpages, rdb, sql
John Mackey643 - 06 2009 / (1)
XPages should have native access to RDB data.  This will allow the use of external SQL data in views and forms in conjunction with Notes data.  Moving Domino Designer to Eclipse was a big step forward in opening up the propertairy technology of the Lotus Notes development platform.  The next ...

Complete xPages Help Documentation

: Domino Designer
: xpages, designer help documentation
Barry McGovern607 - 26 2009 / (0)
The help documentation for xPage funcionality is woefully incomplete.   There are 100's, if not 1,000's, of properties that are not documented anywhere. 
While there are lots of resources out there that are of great assistance, the designer help system has always been a great tool that was in a ...

Book Proposal: XPages Expression Language

: Domino Designer
: xpages, programming
Mike McGarel1229 - 15 2010 / (0)
This is in response to Ben Langhinrichs' request for book proposals.
I'm really interested in the upcoming Lotusphere session about Expression Language syntax and think the topic would make a handy reference book that a lot of XPages developers would want and use.
Expression Language could ...

DataGrid Control

: Domino Designer
: datagrid, view, folder, xpages
Peter Presnell28487 - 17 2009 / (0)
As an alternative to Views/folders, provide the ability to execute a query at run time that returns a subset of documents in the database and allow me to display these documents in a control similar to a view/folder.  This is not unlike how datagrids work with SQL based languages.  I ...

Book Proposal: Introduction to Domino Designer 8.5 and XPage Development

: Domino Designer
: xpages, dde, development, book proposals
Paul Della-Nebbia274 - 15 2010 / (0)
This is in response to Ben Langhinrichs' request for book proposals.
A introductory/primer for pre-8.5 Notes application developers and new Notes/Domino developers.  Covers the following:
  • What is Notes and Domino
  • Domino application architecture
  • Using Domino Designer in Eclispe
  • Creating Domino applications
  • Designing forms and adding fields
  • Designing ...

Add @GetProfileField and @SetProfileField to x-pages formula language

: Domino Designer
: formula, xpages, enhancement
Gernot Hummer685 - 27 2009 / (0)
 It would be very convenient to have these two formulas available for quick access to profile field values.

XPages - Support Lotusscript WQO/WQS functionality

: Domino Designer
: xpages, lotusscript
Erik Brooks915 - 10 2009 / (0)
XPages don't work with LotusScript. At all. So those legacy apps, if they use WebQueryOpen or WebQuerySave agents, are looking for a forklift-style upgrade where you get to rewrite your agents and script libraries in Javascript and/or Java.
So a cool new technology requires a massive rewrite? Hmm.... sounds ...

Update 8.5.1 Help With New 8.5.1 Xpage Controls

: Domino Designer
: xpages, designer help documentation
Peter Presnell28487 - 20 2009 / (0)
By my reckoning ten new controls were added to Xpages with 8.5.1 and yet when I look at the help documentation for controls I do not see any of these mentioned.  It is not as if the 8.5.0 documentation was setting international best practice so we can hardly afford to ...

Calendar View for Xpages

: Domino Designer
: xpages, calendar
Peter Presnell28487 - 15 2010 / (0)
I would like to see the ability to display data in a view (or document collection) in Xpages using a calendar style view similar to the one supported in the Notes client. 

Implement code folding in script libraries

: Domino Designer
: ssjs, xpages, dde, eclipse, outline, code, fold, interface
Ben Poole2370 - 15 2010 / (0)
When coding in “vanilla” Eclipse you get code folding for methods, constructors, etc. It would be really useful to have such a thing in server-side Javascript script libraries—in fact, across the board for all script libs and agents.

XPages read-write data in Oracle - SQL Server- My SQL - DB2

: Domino Designer
: xpages, db2, sql, enhancements
Renato Casati445 - 17 2011 / (0)
If we want a killer application ...

XPages: @DBLookupBig & @DbColumnBig

: Domino Designer
: formula, xpages, @dblookup, @dbcolumn
Erik Brooks915 - 11 2009 / (0)
XPages are here, they're big and bad and scalable. They integrate with @Formulas, which is extremely powerful. For things like repeat controls, type-ahead, etc. there are times when you use @DbLookup or @DbColumn.
But these functions are limited in returning 64K, like the days of old.
Two new ...

Add @DialogBox, @PickList and @Prompt for x-pages

: Domino Designer
: xpages, userinterface, formula
Gernot Hummer685 - 06 2009 / (0)
I know that it's obviously something different to have the formula functionality in Lotus Notes and on the web browser, however, there has to be a way without getting crunk on Dojo to implement this functionality. At least @DialogBox with another xPage to open (maybe with a view control to ...

Make the Domino Blog template available in XPages

: Domino Designer
: oneui, xpages, blog, templates, openntf
Patrick Kwinten21314 - 10 2011 / (0)
Now we are getting more and more applications on XPages using the same theme, we can somehow group these applications together into an 'application suite'.
However the domino blog template is still based on traditional Domino design principles, so this will make it time consuming for customers to modify ...

User .jar files must be considered a design element

: Domino Designer
: xpages, template
Wim Stevens580 - 10 2010 / (0)
When creating an XPage we need to write business logic.  In order to have reusable business logic (that may be called from an agent, a Notes Form or an XPage) the business logic must be written in Java.
The Java code is best placed in a .jar file.
The jar ...

Outline/Navigator for xPages

: Domino Designer
: xpages
Alexey Katyushyn3674 - 28 2009 / (0)
Creating navigator using links or javascript libraries is a boring task. It will be more usable and supportable if developer could create navigator using visual tools such as outline for Notes clients.

Wizard for creating structure of xPage application

: Domino Designer
: xpages
Alexey Katyushyn3674 - 28 2009 / (0)
Most of web applications have the same structure: banner, navigator, header, footer, main area, etc.
For almost all traditional notes developers it will be more easier to begin development with xPages with such wizard. With wizards MS received users’ harts:)

Double Click On Included XPage

: Domino Designer
: xpages
Peter Presnell28487 - 24 2009 / (0)
For Designer client, when I have an XPage which includes other xPages, it would be nice if when I double click on the included XPage control Designer then opens up that XPage in a new window.  This would mirror the functionality of double clicking on a subform inside a form.

Type ahead for XPages markup tags

: Domino Designer
: xpages, tags, type ahead
Alexey Zimarev1051 - 05 2011 / (0)
In Visual Studio we have type ahead for asp tags and basically for all other markup tags like XML in config files. This allows typing in the markup code without looking to the designer or help to check what atributes each tag has. Also depending on the currently opened tag ...

Enable XPages to use all built-in DECS/DCR Data Sources

: Domino Designer
: xpages, decs, datasource
Roland Reddekop4539 - 28 2009 / (0)
Xpages will have arrived once that can talk to more than just just Domino data. At minimum being able to talk to all the external RDB systems that DECS/DCR and LCLSX can speak to would be great. Then Xpages will be a viable alternative for developing Internet/Intranet web apps vs ...


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