: ftsearch 


Let SearchView return XML, JSON

: Domino Designer
: xml, searchview, search, ftsearch, web
Tommy Valand2703 - 11 2007 (1)
The title more or less speaks for itself.

Let us do:
h t t p ://site.com/db.nsf/people?SearchView

h t t p ://site.com/db.nsf/people?SearchView

Allow sorting results of view.FTSearch by view order

: Domino Designer
: ftsearch, sort, order, view
Marco Pernazza371 - 21 2008 (1)
When you search in a view using LotusScript method FTSearch, if the database is FTIndexed, the view is filtered and sorted by relevance in descending order.
I'd like to specify a parameter to have the view filtered and sorted by view order, like if the database was not indexed.

NotesView.FTSearch -> NotesView.getColumnVaues() should only contain the resulting values

: Domino Designer
: ftsearch, getcolumnvalues
Tommy Valand2703 - 07 2008 (0)
This may be a bug.

When you do NotesView.FTSearch, NotesView.getColumnValues() contains all row-values for the column specified, whereas NotesView.AllEntries, for instance, only return the resulting subset of the search.

NotesView.getColumnValues() is not documented, but it is available in code completion in Domino Designer.. Not ...

Allow Full-Text search in embedded views

: Notes Client / Other
: search, ftsearch, embedded view, single category
Carsten Braun85 - 15 2012 (0)
Currently you are not able to use the full text search in embedded views with single category.
If it will possible you could build new kinds of privates views. Another point is, that normal users don't understand why they can search in some views and they aren't able to ...

Set docColl=dbCur.UnindexedDocuments to get the unidexed(FT Index) documents.

: Domino Designer
: ftsearch
Rajeev Menon3439 - 13 2007 (0)

Suppose the status of few case documents changed to "Closed". And immediately if another user did a search on open cases, these recently closed cases also show up. This is bad.

One solution to this is, update the FTIndex everytime a case status is changed. I don't like this solution.


AJAX Suggest to work off Full Text search

: Domino Designer
: ajax, suggest, ftsearch
John Turnbow914 - 10 2009 (0)
Would be nice to set up an Ajax Suggest to work off of Full Text and to set the return as one, two, or three "collective" words/sentence to be returned. This type of suggest (in google) would be nice to have as a "suggest" drop down option when searching or ...

FTSearch should always search all documents, indexed or not

: Domino Designer
: ftsearch, unindexed
Sjef Bosman2112 - 21 2012 (0)
Why doesn't FTSearch continue with a sequential search through the unindexed documents after the whole database is searched? Now we're stuck with an excuse that's technically barely defendable.
We have an application that relies heavily on full-text searches, and there are unindexed documents all the time. Repeatedly calling UpdateFTindex ...


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