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Allow Properties Dialog to be Resized

:Notes Client / Other
: resize, properties
Matt White13605 - 22 2007 / (14)
It would be great if we could resize the properties dialog in the Notes client. When browsing field values on a document or setting properties in Domino Designer, often there is a severe lack of space to work with.

Store Journal, Contacts, Bookmarks in Mail file

:Notes Client / Other
: mail, journal, bookmarks, server, storage
Richard Thomsen191 - 08 2008 / (5)

Contacts.  Personal Journal.  Bookmarks.

Take outside forces (like a mandatory disk encryption software that scrambled hard drives occassioanally), add angry users, stir.  BOOM!

Put the three sets of information all in the same file, the mail file, as a default (ok, option).  Users expect that all of their data is on the server and backed ...


Use of environment variables in scriptable setup for roaming clients

:Notes Client / Other
: installation, roaming, script
Michel Poleur7416 - 29 2008 / (4)
When using a scriptable setup for roaming users, it should be possible to use environment variables (Windows) to retrieve information, like the username, the server name, etc.
See note in the end of this document :

Include PDF attachments in full-text seach indexes

:Notes Client / Other
: search, pdf
Michael Sobczak2837 - 04 2007 / (3)
I believe that only MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and bitmap attachments are included in the full-text index.  Can we please include PDF attachments?

Sort Mail by Subject

:Notes Client / Other
: sort, mail, subject, notes, client
William McLoone219 - 05 2008 / (3)
Thanks for staring ideajam. I just now stumbled upon it and am impressed with volume and quality of posted suggestions. I am surprised that I did not find anything suggestions for a subject sort. My idea is to enhance the Notes mail template to include the ability to sort the ...

Have Control-W close current Notes tab window

:Notes Client / Other
: notes client
Cristian D'Aloisio1368 - 18 2009 / (3)
... as in Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.Very handy.
Vote also for  this idea.

Make the file attachment viewers available outside of Notes

:Notes Client / Other
: viewer, attachments
David Hablewitz15116 - 05 2010 / (3)
The option to View a file attachment in Notes rather than Open or Edit it is great.  Skip the overhead of loading the application and avoid the risk of malicious code in the file.  This works so well, I would like to be able to use these viewers for files ...

Ease the rules of Notes' password complexity calculation

:Notes Client / Other
: password, complexity
Mathieu Pape8090 - 01 2012 / (3)
Have you ever tried to calculate the complexity of your current Notes password? Or tried to explain it correctly to your end-users?
This is the official explanation :
Good luck with it !
It would be nice to have easier to understand rules like "a length of 8, ...

Load attachments only when needed in the Notes-client -

:Notes Client / Other
: attachments
Hynek Kobelka7940 - 17 2009 / (2)
Just a small idea how to improve the performance of opening documents in the Notes-client.
Right now if you open a document which contains attachments, then they are always completly loaded from the server and only after this the document is displayed.  It would be better if attachments were loaded ...

Enable copying of the Replica ID/File Path on Database Properties dialog box

:Notes Client / Other
: replica-id
Rajeev Menon3439 - 14 2007 / (2)
Whenever I needed the replica id of a database, I do one of the following.
1. Take it from the Synopsis
2. Get it from the Doc Properties\Identifier
There may be various other ways.
But I think the replica id shown on the database property should be ...

Tags on email

:Notes Client / Other
: client, notes_client, email
Danilo Barbuio198 - 06 2008 / (2)
I would like to se in the notes client the possibility to classify emails using "tags" just like gmail. In this way I will not use anymore folders and searching mails would be (in my opinion) easier.
I thnk something like adding a button (like "flag" button) but with option ...

Remove limit on copied documents

:Notes Client / Other
: copy, documents
Paul Davies13558 - 05 2007 / (1)
Remove the limit of 2335 documents that can be copied to the clipboard in any one time

Improve Linking to External Files in the Notes Client

:Notes Client / Other
: files, linking
Gavin Bollard1648 - 10 2007 / (0)
I get asked quite frequently; 
"I don't want to embed a file, I just want to make a clickable link to a file somewhere on the public P: drive.   How do I do that in Notes?"
I know it's possible, but even I have problems remembering how - ...

accidental entry (to be removed)

:Notes Client / Other
: bad
Theo Heselmans9557 - 19 2008 / (0)


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