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Plain text human-readable representation of all design elements - not DXL, think Java/Swing

:Domino Designer
: round-trip, plain-text, design
Slawek Rogulski8874 - 29 2007 / (13)
What I mean is you can read LotusScript and @Formula and understand it. But if you were to look at a form design document it is in binary only. Consequently I cannot look at it outside of Designer. I cannot post a form design online and have it discussed. I ...

Rewrite @DBLookup in assembler

:Domino Designer
: formula, @formula
Mark Demicoli11797 - 02 2009 / (13)
Might be a stupid idea because I have no idea how well optimised this critical function is.  But throwing a genius at it might yield a fantastic performance improvement.  Surely IBM has some nutters in there with 2 key keyboards (0 & 1) :)

Use of class in default HTML rendering of design elements, particularly views

:Domino Designer
: html, class, default rendering
Stephen McCulloch513 - 27 2010 / (10)
The default rendering in HTML of Domino design elements typically goes something like this:
<table border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0">     <tr>         <th>Staff</th>         <th>Region</th>         <th>Office</th>     </tr>     <tr valign="top">         <td><img width="16" height="1" src="/icons/ecblank.gif" alt="" />             <a href="/myapp.nsf/...?OpenDocument">LastName, FirstName</a></td>         <td>ON</td>         <td>Toronto</td>     </tr>     <tr> ...

Add a @formula to evaluate group membership

:Domino Designer
: @formula, groups, membership
Jan Schulz4408 - 17 2009 / (9)
Notes author and reader fields are nice to controll access, but sometimes you need something else or better more finegrained and then it would be nice to hide/show something depending if someone is in an group or not.

Designer Help - distinguish between LotusScript AND Java help documents

:Domino Designer
: designer, help, lotusscript, java
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 03 2007 / (,

Designer Help - distinguish between LotusScript AND Java help documents

:Domino Designer
: designer, help, lotusscript, java
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 03 2007 / (8)

As a developer with NO Java experience, I am really NOT interested in all those Help documents that are related to Java.

A simple search on 'documentcollection' returns the first 10 document related to Java. Maybe I am looking for just LotusScript related documents?

Please make my work more effective ...


Change @DbTitle into @AppTitle

:Domino Designer
: @formula
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 05 2007 / (8)
Because IBM / Lotus wants us from a marketing perspective to call 'databases' 'applications' in release 8 I guess we may demand that the confusing @DbTitle must be renamed to something called @AppTitle

Alt text for icons in a view

:Domino Designer
: icons, icon, view
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 07 2007 / (,

Alt text for icons in a view

:Domino Designer
: icons, icon, view
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 07 2007 / (7)
wouldn't it be nice to have the option to add an alt/title text to an icon in a view when selecting the option 'display values as icons' ?
for example if I mover over an icon with number 12 I get default the meaningless alt text: 'Pencil Icon'.

Bring back the ability to use computed subforms to include a subform more than once on a form

:Domino Designer
: subform
Paul Hudson1030 - 01 2008 / (7)
Until V8 was released using a subform multiple times on the same form was possible by using the computed subform facility. This was a great 'bug' because it allowed us to add repeatable sections on web pages such as adding navigation to the top and bottom of the pages and using CSS to style them ...

Computed text should "stick" even when forwarded

:Domino Designer
: computed_text
Knud Højslet3343 - 28 2007 / (6)
Computed text is fast and is a good way to make an application multi language. BUT there is one big drawback - if you forward a document, the computed text recomputes in the new context (i.e. the mail-file) and the result is an error, or nothing or your fall-back value).

ViewTemplate for multiple views

:Domino Designer
: view, template, domino
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 05 2007 / (,

ViewTemplate for multiple views

:Domino Designer
: view, template, domino
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 05 2007 / (6)
from a view I would like the option to select a form that will be used as a template to display a view.
nowadays I can define $$viewtemplate default and for all the other views I need to create a separate $$viewtemplate for form.
in order to decrease ...

Don't let the database size increase affect the overall performance of the application.

:Domino Designer
: performance
Rajeev Menon3688 - 12 2007 / (6)
No matter how well an application is designed, as the database size increases beyond a level, the performance of the application goes down badly. Having a highly configured desktop or server is not going to help. We have some databases with over 1GB size. We are having a tough time ...

Adding a bookmark in the client = adding it in Designer

:Domino Designer
: bookmarks, client, designer
Martin Vereecken1855 - 10 2007 / (6)
... or at least some possibility to import the Client bookmarks in Designer.  Or an option to add them both in Client and Designer.  I can see there are some advantages to splitting the bookmarks for the 2 environments, but often it looks like we have to add a single ...

Recycle bin for designer?

:Domino Designer
: delete, design, designer, remove, restore, recycle, dustbin
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 30 2008 / (6)
Maybe this is so simple, you would not think of it.
Would it be great to be able to restore deteled design elemens (views, forms, pages, etc) from a recycle bin?
I never seen it in all those years of Notes development....

CSS editor for Domino Designer

:Domino Designer
: css
Stephen McCulloch513 - 18 2010 / (6)
Every other IDE that is used for designing web pages has a built in CSS editor/validator why doesn't Domino Designer? 

Allow to adjust the size of the indent in the code

:Domino Designer
: size, size of indent, code
Vlad Sh10448 - 06 2010 / (5)
Size of Tab (for me) is very large, the code very quickly drives off to the right ... I would like for the font "Courier New" to set to the size of Tab corresponded to three spaces (I know of extreme-programmers who likes, when indentation is two spaces :) ). ...

Add "Next" link to XPage view control pager

:Domino Designer
: xpages, view
Mark Demicoli11797 - 07 2010 / (5)
This is pretty obvious - no need to know what page you're currently on, just go to the next one.

RunWithDocumentContext not work when run from LotusScript

:Domino Designer
: runwithdocumentcontext, agents, run, lotusscript, notes client, domino server
Vlad Sh10448 - 02 2010 / (5)
It only works in conjunction SSJS->LS-agent, and in the security tab is the option "Run as Web user".
1. On Notes Client:
Button code:
Dim ns As New NotesSession
Dim ndb As NotesDatabase
Dim na As NotesAgent
Dim nd As NotesDocument
Set ndb = ns.CurrentDatabase
Set na = ndb.GetAgent("(test)")

Right-click > Open in Client from Designer w/Notes 8 Standard is broken

:Domino Designer
: bug
Charles Robinson5466 - 07 2007 / (4)
Right-clicking a database bookmark in Domino Designer and selecting Open in Client doesn't work in Notes 8 Standard.

Strange messages when using the Designer in the project, containing only the code LotusScript

:Domino Designer
: domino designer, lotusscript, errors, interface
Vlad Sh10448 - 02 2010 / (4)
The appearance of these messages inexplicably.
Please correct this behavior, or simply remove the messages, because for LotusScript projects they lack any logic.
P.S. Domino Designer 8.5.1 - 8.5.2.

Add Spinner Control / Field

:Domino Designer
: spinner, field
Michael Amberg814 - 04 2007 / (4)
It would be nice to have a spinner control in a numeric field. I see Lotus uses this control in various places. How come we don't have the option? As usual we do create our own work-arounds, but it would be easier and faster to use an existing control.


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