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Domino Administrator 
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Alphabetically sort notes.ini-entries in server-config-doc

:Domino Administrator / Other
: notes.ini, server configuration document
Jesper Clausen564 - 15 2011 / (9)
When adding entries to the Notes.ini-section of the server config-doc it would be nice if the entries was sorted alphabetically.

New toolbar widget "Console Command"

:Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: console
Mark Demicoli11797 - 09 2013 / (5)
For convenience, a toolbar widget with a simple text box and server drop-down to send commands to the server console, so that a user with console access can more easily send console commanda without having the full Admin client or Domino Console app running.
Issuing a command would open a ...

Major overhaul to Domino Administrator Client

:Domino Administrator / Other
: domino administrator, ui
Tinus Riyanto2905 - 24 2012 / (4)
We have a UI overhaul for Notes client in version 8.0 and Domino Designer on 8.5 so I think that it's time that Domino Administrator client receive the spotlight. There are quite a number of good idea on this space about how this client can be revamped to make daily ...

Copy Lotus Notes databases from the Domino Server console command line

:Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: copying, lotus, notes, databases, via, notes, client
Hasnain Yousuf302 - 21 2008 / (3)
Copying Lotus Notes databases via Notes client would have taken hours considering the Lotus Notes database was 5 GB. So this command will handy. It's not documented or supported, but it has been around for a long time, at least since R4 So let's look at what you need to ...

Create a replica on more than one server

:Domino Administrator / Other
: database, replica, client, create
Stephan Kopp130 - 25 2008 / (3)
You can create a replica from the client only on one server.
If I want to create a replica on other servers too, I have to go to the admin client or do it several times...
Wouldn't it be create to select more than one server? For example the ...

Database Corruption- DbInfoIsCorrupt(DbWriteDbInfo: First or Next RRVPos invalid)

:Domino Administrator / Other
: database corruption
Hasnain Yousuf302 - 03 2011 / (3)
There is  a database say test.nsf on one of our Production Domino Servers say  Testserver ,Running On 6.5.4 on Win 2K OS without Txn enabled.
It is corrupt and when we try to fix it up using online maintenance commands as below:
fixup -f (This causes Fixup to check ...

Configure startup server connection

:Domino Administrator / Other
: administrator, remember, server
Edward Scott692 - 04 2008 / (2)
Each time I open Domino Administrator it tries to connect to whatever server I was connected to when I last quit Administrator. This is almost always not the server I want to connect to, and in the case that I have since switched IDs or the server is not accessible/slow ...

Return the option for "Space Used".

:Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: space used
Andy Donaldson506 - 14 2009 / (1)
In the Domino Administration client starting in version 8.5.1, the option to show a database's "Space Used" in the Files area has been removed by IBM. As Administrators, we enjoy having that option to give a quick overview of  the health of the messaging and application environment.  There has been ...

Allow to specify a muxiumum size for email archives

:Domino Administrator / Data Storage and Management
: size, administration
Jos Janssen1463 - 27 2011 / (1)
In order to allow users to save email archives to CD/DVD there should be an option to specify the maximum size for archives. 


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