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23 Oct 2017Bruce Elgort8251Use more customization features in ND9 NotesMail

This is a test comment
20 May 2017Bruce Elgort8251Use more customization features in ND9 NotesMail

Oh, and how much will this idea cost us to implement?
20 May 2017Bruce Elgort8251Use more customization features in ND9 NotesMail

I really like this idea a lot! What would it take to get it implemented?
15 Jun 2016aaron wang11Reply with Stationery

Hi team,is this function"reply with stationery" available now in Lotus Notes?Thanks!
11 Feb 2016Rohan Shah21Would it be an idea to warn user about redirect-URLs?

@Robet Ibsen Voith The idea of Link Preview by @Alex Matheson is great.
Even the Flagging idea where the users know beforehand about the website is brilliant.
11 Feb 2016Alex Matheson31Would it be an idea to warn user about redirect-URLs?

@Robet Ibsen Voith, I think the best solution would be a combination of both an intermediate inspection tool as well as some policy protection. The combination would allow for less strict policies than blocking users from all redirects.

Basically all links that are not validated by the inspection tool would be blocked as per the protection policies.

Another possible addition could be flagging users each time they send a link that fails the validation process. This would allow users to know before they even open the email or links they should be cautious of the individual.
10 Feb 2016Robert Ibsen Voith4084Would it be an idea to warn user about redirect-URLs?

@Alex Matheson, yes, there are many ways to do stuff like you point out. I like the Chrome App-variant too. Since all URL protocols require a handler registered in the registry (one for https, one for http, one for notes etc), it means that Avast etc most perhaps inject themselves into that command chain. It could actually be quite simple to create an intermediate inspection tool, which analyzes the URL and relay it onto the original handler if OK.

Regarding the user allowing the link to go through anyway, I would like to see some policy protection around this. The most strict variant could block ANY redirect, and not allowing the link to go through.
10 Feb 2016Alex Matheson31Would it be an idea to warn user about redirect-URLs?

@Robert Ibsen Voith, Interesting blog post. What if you create something similar to the Google Chrome app "Link Preview" which allows users to hover over a link and view a preview of the page.

Another idea would be a system similar to Avast Anti Virus where it will mark a link with a red badge if it redirects the user or seems shady.

My only criticism is that if it only lets the user know they are being redirected, many users will click anyway assuming it is something they are supposed to be redirected to. To make it more user friendly I think one of the ideas above would work nicely.

I will include a picture to help explain my thoughts.
10 Feb 2016Robert Ibsen Voith4084Would it be an idea to warn user about redirect-URLs?

@Alex Matheson, the simplest would be to just warn the user about the redirect. It would be even better if the system also resolved the redirect for the user, much like the Maxa tools do (see the blog post for details).
09 Feb 2016Rohan Shah21Would it be an idea to warn user about redirect-URLs?

Its a nice security feature. I browse a lot on websites online and the most thing i hate is being redirected to some other page without knowing where i am being redirected to.
09 Feb 2016Alex Matheson31Would it be an idea to warn user about redirect-URLs?

Good Idea - its such a simple security feature its hard to believe it is not already in place.

Also are you suggesting that it only alerts the user they are being redirected, or it alerts the user to exactly what they are being redirected to?
24 Jun 2015Lars Berntrop-Bos113SSO between Lotus Notes Client and Domino HTTP Access

for removal of errors:
header = rawToken; => header = rawToken;
creation[i - 4] = rawToken; => creation[i - 4] = rawToken;
expires[i - 12] = rawToken; => expires[i - 12] = rawToken;
user[i - 20] = rawToken; = > user[i - 20] = rawToken;
digest[i - ( rawToken.length - 20 )] = rawToken; => digest[i - ( rawToken.length - 20 )] = rawToken;
for (int i=0; i<map2.length; i++) map2 = -1; => for (int i=0; i<map2.length; i++) map2 = -1;
for (int i=0; i<64; i++) map2[map1] = (byte)i; => for (int i=0; i<64; i++) map2[map1] = (byte)i;

the LotusScript also suffers from autotranslations (I broke up the http part to stop it:
Call w.URLOpen( "{ Link } & doc.UniversalID ) =>
Call w.URLOpen( {http" + "://" + "hp.blabla.bla.net/test/SSOToken.nsf/(login)/" & doc.UniversalID )

and in the javascript:
document.location.replace("{ Link } =>
document.location.replace("http" + "://" + "hp.blabla.bla.net/Homepage.nsf");

note that when patching the code to make LtpaToken support SSO, the domain strings in the java and javascript code need to match.
29 Apr 2015Dwain Wuerfel2755Delete cache.ndk on starting Notes

It's a shame that nothing has been done to resolve this continued nuisance. I am a developer and deal with this all the time when deploying a new code base. It makes developers look incompetent when they say the code is deployed and all good, but the customer has issues which you determine to be caused by the 'cache.ndk' file. I personally like the idea of deleting every day on start, but also understand the desire to have this policy driven.
28 Feb 2015Mike Woolsey5030In case of client crash - zap the need to use zappers!

8.5.3 still leaves ntaskldr.exe hanging.

Its pretty simple, why cant Notes launch a cleanup, then a launch of Notes?
02 Feb 2015Alex Elliott20Automate synchronization of Notebook from Notes client into mail like contacts

We have the Contacts Synchronization utility for Lotus Notes / Domino available freely from our website which performs the synchronization of contacts between Notes Mail and Personal Address Book. If there's enough interest we could look at extending the functionality to include synchronization with the Notebook as well.

You can find it here:

24 Jan 2015Mike Woolsey5030Auto Filing Inbox Mail

I dont see the objections as valid. Yes, it should be an option for the email template. No yshouldnt have to decide every single time what you want to do.
24 Jan 2015Mike Woolsey5030Make Notes Not Crash when Home Server is Down / Restarts

(Why open a pmr? Its their problem. I get really cynical of wanting customers to pay for reporting their problem.)
06 Dec 2014Starrow Pan4716Enable moving Notes workspace page

@Christopher, a long-cherished wish for Notes users:-)
27 Nov 2014Christopher Boote6122Enable moving Notes workspace page

Been asking for that since 4.65 :)
03 Nov 2014Uwe Brahm478Remove the "Reply with Internet-Style History" button

I need it because we have a mixed environment. Here is what I need:
- (1) Let me as an admin make Internet Style history the default
when users simply clicking Reply or Reply to All or Forward
- (2) Let me as an admin have the signature put at the end and not at the beginning
when using this reply/forward style

The most brain dead feature is that the signature is put at the top and not at the end automatically.
Usually you cite the original email and comment with text right into the cited text, you really
need the signature at the end - not the beginning.

> some original text

my 2 cents

> some other original text

my other comments

My Signature at the end.

Internet Style always includes the signature at the end.
If IBM would listen to their users, they would have added that already.

I now see people not using Notes because they see a client that does not include
all the features they know from other tools like Thunderbird and Apple Mail.


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