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02 Feb 2016Bruce Elgort8298Support for Safari

Working OK here Peter:

{ Link }

02 Feb 2015Bruce Elgort8298Should we have an ideaspace for ... Verse? or Mail?

Status changed to Complete
31 Jan 2015Mike Woolsey5040Should we have an ideaspace for ... Verse? or Mail?

Thanks, Bruce! What service.
26 Jan 2015Bruce Elgort8298Should we have an ideaspace for ... Verse? or Mail?

IBM Verse has been added as an IdeaSpace.
24 Jan 2015Mike Woolsey5040new twist on ideajam....BugJam

& yes, I get this bug a lot.

Other bugs:
Launch notes 8.5 & immediately try to copy a database without first opening one. Result:crash. Thankfully this stopped w 9.0
Swap between Designer using editor & Notes using view. After awhile, the Notes client stops diaplaying the db specific actions menu. Happens frequently during the day.
11 Dec 2014Hannes Mettelem368Extend existing webservices of IdeaJam

Also a method like getIdeasByIdeaSpace would be great :-)
22 Jul 2014Bill Malchisky9254Add functionality in IdeaJam to Automatically create an SPR for the enhancement request with IBM

Integrated workflow between the IBM Support portal ticketing system and IdeaJam would be great and save a lot of time for many of us.
04 Apr 2014Christopher Boote6132I wonder whether the s/w can handle Thai language

Και ελληνική όσο και
03 Apr 2014Thanasarn Hongpaisanvivat10I wonder whether the s/w can handle Thai language

ก็ต้องการเติมดูว่าภาษาไทยเป็นไงบ้าง และถ้าเติม comment แล้วจะสามารถเติมได้ดีและไม่มีปัญหาในการตัดคำ สังเกตจาก "ปัญหา" สามารถตัดได้ดี คงไม่เกี่ยวกับตัวซอฟแวร์แต่น่าจะเป็นตัวซอฟแวร์ภาษาไทยที่ใช้ของแต่ละเครื่องมากกว่า
05 Dec 2013Hannes Mettelem368Comment notification emails should show (somewhere) the name of the person posting the comment

This is one of the features most requested by our users.
20 Nov 2013Hannes Mettelem368Link IdeaJam with Greenhouse Idea Blogs and vice-versa (Connections, ...) ?

This won't be an enhancement of IdeaJam, but an enhancement of Lotus Connections which itself has missing features at this point ;-)
20 Nov 2013Hannes Mettelem368Get links in Activity Summary email to automatically log you in so you can vote straight away

Maybe a deep link with the signed security key from the user profile.
20 Nov 2013Hannes Mettelem368Make IdeaSpaces Separate Configuration Documents

Please also make IdeaSpaces sortable. This would be great for meeting topics so IdeaJam is based on topics and vice versa.
09 Jun 2013Peter Neidhart689Let us log in for more than 24 hours

One of the best ways to forget your password :-)
26 Oct 2012alpha alpha22Essai de mon idée

{Comment Deleted By Bruce Elgort on 27-Oct-2012 07:03}
05 Jul 2012jani lappalainen0testausta

Status changed to Open
05 Jul 2012jani lappalainen0testausta

Status changed to Withdrawn
28 Mar 2012Bruce Elgort8298Link IdeaJam with Greenhouse Idea Blogs and vice-versa (Connections, ...) ?


IdeaJam has a complete API that can be used by IBM to surface ideas in Connections. There is also an IdeaJam Connections widget available. I will contact IBM to see how we can help.
20 Mar 2012Matt White9280Make IdeaSpaces Separate Configuration Documents

All interesting ideas, obviously a fairly significant change so we will need to have a think about how best to implement them, expect a call from Bruce to discuss :-)

27 Jun 2011Jim Herzog21Rebirth of an Economy Using all markets.

{Comment Deleted By Bruce Elgort on 28-Jun-2011 13:58}


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