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04 Dec 2015Robert Enbarr11Run Agent on Administration Server

Today i have a function IsAdminServer that check against the ACL... but that requires the agent to run on all servers.

Would be great to have it in the run option
02 Sep 2015Sean Burgess5201New ODS: multiple files instead of a single file

The beauty of the Domino database is that everything is in a single file. Moving to other platforms is always a huge surprise in how complex everything is. Sending a Domino application to someone is as simple as attaching a single file. Try to do that with a DB2 app or any other platform.

To me, I don't think that this should be changed. However, I would definitely be willing to separate the view indexes from the database in a similar manner to the way the full text index is separated. This would probably give you the most bang for the buck and would be easily recreated if the database was moved to a different server. It would also resolve issues with large view indexes causing compact and access issues on databases.
27 Mar 2015Christopher Boote6132New ODS: multiple files instead of a single file

(I do think it would be worth examining, but I don't think IBM are likely to do any more work on Notes at all :( )
27 Mar 2015Christopher Boote6132New ODS: multiple files instead of a single file

I do like the idea of the design being in a separate file - it would make managing designs easier - but wouldn't the increased I/O, and having to have multiple files open in memory cause performance issues?
06 Jan 2015Starrow Pan4716Automatic detection of replication/save conflicts

@Christopher, As to rules, the replication conflicts handling options on the form properties box suffice for the case of replication if that feature is implemented precisely and without bugs. LS, Java & SSJS API of document.save() suffice for the back-end saving. Only two scenarios cannot be controlled. One is saving documents from client UI directly or uidoc.save(), the other is saving documents in the classic Notes web applications where even doc.save(true, false) is used, a save conflict will have been created before that call if the doc has been modified by others. So the sole missing piece is to make the current replication conflicts handling option work for save conflicts as well, after all the option reads "conflicts handling" not "replication conflicts handling". No else rule is needed.
05 Jan 2015Christopher Boote6132Automatic detection of replication/save conflicts

Starrow. The 'rules' suggestion could handle that without changing the default behaviour
Simply 'always accept newer' could be one rule, for example
03 Jan 2015Starrow Pan4716Automatic detection of replication/save conflicts

Even if the event were available, there would still be no appropriate language to write logic to handle it. LS is not a domain language like SQL that is suitable to write trigger logic about data manipulation. It would add overhead of executing some LS codes in such a backend event. And if errors or ui codes occur in the event handler, Notes has no proper way to report them and even roll back the affected document data. In my opinion, detecting & creating conflicts should be a optional feature rather than the default behavior. Other DBMS don't spend so much time on asking whether a record has been modified when saving it.
22 Jul 2014Bill Malchisky9254XWork Server Community Edition

Also, I realize that if we were to have a CE edition, it would need to preconfigured so new/young/non-admin developers can just get in and code. Foundations was the precursor here, but that is long gone, and still stings with many partners.
22 Jul 2014Bill Malchisky9254XWork Server Community Edition

@4, I suspect people neither know nor care about how much money they are wasting by coding in another platform. One client manager I knew did not like Notes development, but openly admitted that it was always 10% cheaper than other programming solutions, so he used it every time.

Perhaps, some managers use the extended development time as a means to justify a larger budget and headcount, rather than providing more solutions to business lines, or enhancing further existing solutions. Just a thought.
19 Apr 2014Mike Woolsey5040XWork Server Community Edition

I write software in Domino in a couple of months that it takes a squad of developers years to mimic on another platform.

Is Domino on life support? Or is it simply that the software market of the month just doesn't understand the price they're paying for other platforms?

No, I'm under no misimpressions about the changing market for Domino. But I continue to look at the ... stuff ... that comes out of other platforms with a great deal of disdain. I know what they're doing. I know the cost of what they're doing. And I know Domino is better at what they're doing.

Yeah, get them a platform that has actually implemented XForms in a plausible way, and people will start to realize what's possible with a well-built design concept.
14 Apr 2014Sreeja Kurup303Simple archive settings => all docs of 2009, ....

I agree to this idea very much. I have also added one more addition with date criteria for say monthly or bi-monthly archivings. great idea...!
08 Apr 2014Mark Demicoli11797XWork Server Community Edition

Agree with S. Pan. The majority of the design software is on life support and any legacy developer with a vision of themselves is trying to diversify away from it.
03 Apr 2014Tinus Riyanto2905XWork Server Community Edition

If by community edition you mean providing a server for developer to test application that they develop, I think that there will be option regarding this in the future (probably Bluemix or something similar).
01 Apr 2014Starrow Pan4716XWork Server Community Edition

I'm not as optimistic as you are. Domino involves a lot of settings and proprietary concepts to setup and develop upon while it's strengths are limited and I don't think it would attract many open source developers even if it was free.
15 Mar 2014Mike Woolsey5040File and print share

As someone accessing Domino from mobile, I find it ironic that some think printings a client function. The printers in office. With the server. The server needs a print connection. Always has. People asked me for this in 1994. 20 years ago.
25 Feb 2014Zoltan Szabo5618Free Time publication for outside users

I don't know about Tungle.
16 Oct 2013Bill Malchisky9254Please extend WebDAV to include calDAV & cardDAV support for contacts/calendar syncing

O.K. Thank you for the clarification, Craig.
15 Oct 2013Craig Wiseman21821Please extend WebDAV to include calDAV & cardDAV support for contacts/calendar syncing

No... I put one in the Traveler ideaspace and one in the Domino ideaspace.

conceptually, it's a mobile feature and maybe should be in Traveler.

technically, all the underpinnings need to do this are alrady in Domino, so maybe it's best there.

Hence the two entries.
15 Oct 2013Bill Malchisky9254Please extend WebDAV to include calDAV & cardDAV support for contacts/calendar syncing

Duplicate idea (by you): { Link }

Perhaps set this to Withdrawn?
14 Jun 2013Tinus Riyanto2905Stop Opened/Closed session logging for Traveler Servers

This might come in handy for those who have extremely large size log.nsf I guess.


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