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02 Oct 2015Nicolas Melay41Customize prompt when user's mail is rejected by Server Mail Rule

You can also set your mail rule to accept the message and reject it thereafter.
This way you get more control on the failure message.

See this technote : { Link }
31 Oct 2013Christian Hoerlle12IMAP Idle Command

Android smartphones are getting more and more popular and the easiest way to get push-mail on those devices is IMAP IDLE - so PLEASE implement IMAP IDLE asap. and keep your customers satisfied. ;-)
31 Oct 2013Tinus Riyanto2900Move router size limitation to policy

@Bill, can you tell me how to setup this size restriction for iNotes ? I don't really mind implementing mail policy on several groups if I can have a more "flexible" mail size limitation.
15 Oct 2013Bill Malchisky9254Move router size limitation to policy

Tinus, the performance hit on such a setting would be dramatic, IMHO. The router would still need to enforce the setting on the inbound mail, introducing a pause as it looks-up the restriction level for each address. Add tens of thousands of users and mail will slow down markedly.

Instead, why not give them iNotes access and set the restriction for them that way? Group policy for these web users might be a better way to go.
25 Aug 2013Peter Neidhart689Move router size limitation to policy

A different limit per recipient address would be useful for mailin dbs that receive NSDs from client or server crashes or other big files.
31 Mar 2012Thomas Lindberg109server should be able to get mail from another server

I dont Think anybody understands. A domino server does not route mail id annoter serve contacts it for replication.
Try to read my post. There is only a port open one Way on 1352

The hole point og my idea is that the port is not open, so why does everybody suggest that its a easy thing to open the port. The port 1352 is not open from outside only inside.

So All of your suggestions does not work because a domino server delivers mail. I does not collectief. And that is What i want it to dó.

I properly have to explain it to the lab at next lotusphere
30 Mar 2012Chris Hudson439server should be able to get mail from another server

I don't understand this idea.

Domino works over port 1352... if you open that port to replicate ... or for "another server to check the mail box" then that also allows mail to flow between these servers.

So if you are happy for that port to be open for replication, then mail is also able flow and this idea becomes superflous.
05 Mar 2012Thomas Lindberg109server should be able to get mail from another server

I am aware of all these tricks. And i Mean tricks. It is not logic that you have to disable the router when you want to fix something about mail.

I just want an option, like other options.

I can't be the only one in the world that have this problem, and don't want to do ninja tricks to get things to work
03 Mar 2012Peter Neidhart689server should be able to get mail from another server

If the mails are created on the external server, disable the router task on this server. Make the mail.box a replica of the one of the internal server. Mails created on the external server will be replicated to the internal server's mail.box and the internal router task will forward the mail. We used this at a customers installation for some years until they decommissioned their external server.
01 Mar 2012Thomas Lindberg109server should be able to get mail from another server

Yes you can do that. But for many companies this is not a option. No ports are allowed open from outside. No problem for replication, because the inside server initializes it But mail wong work
01 Mar 2012Kenneth Axi1694server should be able to get mail from another server

But.... Isn't the solution to this to open a Notes port in the firewall to let the servers talk to each other over the NRPC?
Seems extremely unnecessary to apply this logic to mailrouting when it is simply a configuration matter in the firewall.
30 Nov 2011Mathieu Pape7680Search and clean all mail.box across servers of a given Domino Domain

You could still imagine that the existing actions of a mail.box continue to exist in that new system. But yes, there will always be a (known) risk.

Thanks for your vote BTW!
30 Nov 2011Kenneth Axi1694Search and clean all mail.box across servers of a given Domino Domain

It would be nice, but I'm starting to think about a thing here:

What if some mail is to be rerouted to another receiver, because the mail subject suggests it is important information that shouldn't get lost - if You delete all dead mail in one action, you will have no option to control that this never happens.

But hey... I'm still voting yes for this: The function should be used at own risk!
11 Oct 2011Mathieu Pape7680SMTP Forwarding Host: Allow multiple forwarding hosts

Demoted as #2 says, works also for "Relay host for messages leaving the local internet domain" field in Configurations document. Could be better documented though...
02 Oct 2010Richard Schwartz3723Automatically delete dead mail (router)

A whole new feature just for managing dead mail isn't the way. Enhancements to server-based mail rules to prevent mail from going dead in mail.box in the first place is something I would support.
01 Oct 2010Peter von Stöckel2682Automatically delete dead mail (router)

@Mark, It's not hard to do. All you really need is a Mail-In-Database document in the Domino Directory, and preferrably a view for incoming mail, and an agent to process the mail. You could even create a separate database/application to use as a black hole. One agent to delete all incoming mail, if you're not interested in checking them.

This is easy stuff, nothing to it. You difinately don't need me for it... :-)
01 Oct 2010Mark Demicoli11792Automatically delete dead mail (router)

Peter, maybe I should pay you to come help me :)
01 Oct 2010Peter von Stöckel2682Automatically delete dead mail (router)

@Mark, If your aplication is sending mail with invalid addresses, it should also have a valid return address. The return address should be in an application that could properly handle the return. It's a bug in your application, not a fault in the infrastructure.
01 Oct 2010Mark Demicoli11792Automatically delete dead mail (router)

@Peter, that is fine if your environment is limited to incoming mail. I run a public web application which requires users to enter email addresses, which must then be confirmed by the standard mail-out method I'm sure you're familiar with. In my case, I have thousands of new registrations weekly, many mistyped, invalid etc. So they often end up returned and become dead mail.

@David, I did some testing, and it appears the purge occurs automatically when a database is accessed (ie via a UI or programmatically). I saw it on the server log "purging old documents from admin4.nsf" and there was definitely no updall running. I don't mind your solution by the way - I have enabled it.
01 Oct 2010Peter von Stöckel2682Automatically delete dead mail (router)

I haven't seen dead mail in the mail.box since I upgraded to version 6, and implemented the incoming mail checks, so I think this is a non-issue. As David suggests, there's also a functional solution for this already, so I'm demoting this.


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