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28 Mar 2015Larry Zwerlin30Make the Files view exportable to .csv from the administrator client

You can easily export data in the Domino Administrator client (i.e. Files tab) using the "ACL Dominator" tool. It generates DB properties reports, ACL reports and mailbox reports. Click the web site below, then click link "Screenshot 9 - Export Domino Admin client - Files tab". { Link }
31 Oct 2014David Hablewitz15237Upgrade the admin client. Still has Notes 7 status bar even.

I rescind this idea. There are certain features that have been ruined in the Notes client that still work right in the admin client, like dealing with location docs, I can edit current and not have to deal with a modal dialog box. Sometimes newer is not better.
03 Apr 2014Tinus Riyanto2900provide admin tool to force-stop Amgr & Runonserver tasks

Agree that this is needed for Amgr in edge cases like you describe above.
15 Oct 2013Bill Malchisky9254Temporary FullText Indexes

Sounds reasonable. The only issue I then see is that if the server is low on disk space and the admin just purged all the FTIs... but we're talking about a few apps in that scenario.
15 Oct 2013Mark Demicoli11792Temporary FullText Indexes

I would just detect the condition and ask the poweruser if they want to create the FT index again.
15 Oct 2013Bill Malchisky9254Temporary FullText Indexes

I like it in theory... what happens when the user comes back in Y days, where y > x, and they run a search on a DB that was previously FTI enabled? Does the server stop and make the index first in the DB, or run the non-FTI search?
14 Aug 2013Christopher Boote6127Search capability in Server Console

I know we asked for a filter in the Admin console YEARS ago, so yes, yes, yes please
21 Jun 2013Tinus Riyanto2900Upgrade the admin client. Still has Notes 7 status bar even.

@David, I think that I have submit similar idea in the past. At that time everybody voted no since they don't want a heavy loading admin client.

So I guess moral of the story at that time is that you can do improvement but make sure it load as fast or even faster and does not crash even once in a blue moon.

Not sure if the consensus have changed now.
12 Jun 2013David Hablewitz15237Upgrade the admin client. Still has Notes 7 status bar even.

That is true. So was Notes R3.
12 Jun 2013Vlad Sh10448Upgrade the admin client. Still has Notes 7 status bar even.

It is very good that it has not been touched - work fast and stable.
30 Apr 2013Lisa Lin34When deleting user, delete archive & roaming files as well as mail file

We implemented this by adding some script in the AdminP Deletion Approval button. When a Notes Admin pressed the button to approve the mail file deletion requests, the code searched for the archive mail file and submitted a deletion request for the Archive Mail file. So that we have a record for the deletion and adminp handles everything.
24 Apr 2013Mark Demicoli11792New toolbar widget "Console Command"

Status changed to Withdrawn
23 Apr 2013Mark Demicoli11792New toolbar widget "Console Command"

"I" should have read the manual :)
23 Apr 2013Mark Demicoli11792New toolbar widget "Console Command"

Ahh U should have read the manual :)
23 Apr 2013Lisa Lin34New toolbar widget "Console Command"

We already did that by adding a smart icon/button(with the formula @Command( [AdminRemoteConsole] )) on the toolbar in the Notes Client. It's been working for years.
10 Apr 2013Christopher Boote6127New toolbar widget "Console Command"

20 Sep 2012Christopher Boote6127When a user is removed from the Domino Domain and mail file is deleted remove all calendar entries where they are the chair in all mail files

I concur with Craig, make it an option, similar to the one in WordPress.
When you remove a user, ask "to whom do you assign all of their meetings?"
24 Aug 2012Bill Malchisky9254ACL template for new Databases

@1 and @3 are correct. You can also use Surely Template from OpenNTF to reset the replica IDs and adjust default ACL settings across all discovered templates. As this has been around for ages, Lotus won't spend any time fixing this capability.

{ Link }
24 Aug 2012Bill Malchisky9254Multiple Servers in Domino Console

Though, this is easily accomplished via SSH on Linux, with a good script, I do see the value within the Admin client and will support it.

But keep in mind that for running a on multiple servers, that capability already exists from the Sever Console window. So although you are unable to see the output on multiple servers, you can perform maintenance and troubleshooting tasks across several servers, which does save time.
25 Apr 2012Zoltan Szabo5618Multiple Servers in Domino Console

I think when you test something, You should see consoles side-by-side. Or its easier to catch warnings, failures etc
What you request is exists now. On the left side you can select you see the list of server and You can click on them to view.


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