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: views
Peter Presnell26659 - 27 2015 / (0)
Modern UI behavior seems to be moding towards the adoption of a single icon (toggle) to expand/collapse categorized views. We do not have this capability in either the Notes Client or XPages requiring two separate icons for expand and collapse to be adapoted... In 2015 Less is More. 

Add launch options for Xpages app in Notes browser plugin.

: Notes Client / Other
: notes browser plug in, enhancement
G A50 - 05 2015 / (0)
This is request about Notes Browser plugin.
We can not launch Xpages app from notes browser plugin workspace. It opens just notes native app.
We have two options to open xpages, both don't work for it.
  • "When opened in the Notes Client" -> "Open designated XPage(Standard Client).
  • ...

IBM needs to implement some of the ideas on this site

: Notes Client / Other
: ibm
Darren Duke3117 - 22 2014 / (7)
A pretty basic premise really. An "idea' that IBM should actually implement some of these "ideas".

I wish ACL dialog's "Effective Access" would be much more accessible, informative, convenient.

: Notes Client / Other
: acl
Mike Woolsey5040 - 18 2014 / (0)
The "effective access" button on the ACL dialog is ... well, it's the best thing in Domino Admin since the server. And I'm only exaggerating a bit. Anyone who has tried to explain a Domino access -- (or an Active Directory access) deriving from multiple sources, can tell you how cool this ...

When inserting a new row into a table: take current format of the neighbour rows

: Notes Client / Other
: richtext, table, formatting
Stefan Meyer1788 - 11 2014 / (5)
I often create tables and enter numbers in 1st column. Normally I mark the complete column, align the content centered, give it a dedicated color or make it bold.
When inserting a new column I'd like to get these format values in the new row.

Make Notes Not Crash when Home Server is Down / Restarts

: Notes Client / Other
: notes
Mark Demicoli11797 - 15 2014 / (1)

The next version of IBM Notes should be called Notes 10 Bruce Edition

: Notes Client / Other
: notes client, openntf
Richard Schwartz3723 - 02 2013 / (3)
Becasue Bruce Elgort is a mensch!  #ThanksBruce

Auto turn on/off Out Of Office Assistant

: Notes Client / Other
: mail, out of office, notes client
Pranjal Sahu267 - 09 2013 / (1)
Currently we need to explicitly set Out-of-Office Assistant when we are on leave.But sometimes we forget to set Out-of-Office assistant and it may create wrong impressions if the employee is not replying the mails since he/she is on leave but forgot to set the Out-Of-Office Assistant.So,there should be way to ...

Make values in the infobox selectable

: Notes Client / Other
: infobox
Christopher Boote6132 - 02 2013 / (1)
M$ Internet Expoloder has it done perfectly
Click 'properties' in a windows object, or webpage or image, and the info box comes up
Almost everything is selectbale, and hence can be copied/pasted as needed
With Notes it;s a pain in the bum to send e.g. the database failepath in ...

Allow export (as structured text) from a document

: Notes Client / Other
: export
Christopher Boote6132 - 24 2013 / (1)
Allow the export as structured text from the document open in the client
Currently, the only way to export like this is from a view.

Fix the freakin' taskbar behaviour

: Notes Client / Other
: taskbar
Christopher Boote6132 - 16 2013 / (0)
Especially in Designer
If we've selected a certain taskbar to be always visible - stop hiding it and attempting to rearrange the other taskbars to 'cover the gap'
This is especially apparent in designer when switching to edit a lotusscript agent - all the nicely set up task bars vanish ...

SwiftFile for non-English 9.0 mail templates is broken ! Please help to get it fixed !

: Notes Client / Other
: swiftfile, lotus notes swiftfile
Mathieu Pape7680 - 19 2013 / (2)
SwiftFile is (IMHO) one of the best features available in the Notes client. 

You don't know what SwiftFile is? Forget about maintaining mail rules to classify your e-mails ! Free, self-learning and available since release ... hum ... a very long time ago (1999 according to following ...


Mail print as PDF or export as PDF

: Notes Client / Other
: mail, pdf, pdf export, print pdf, export, print, notes, notes mail print, mail print, mail export, export
Varaprasada Rao A236 - 03 2013 / (2)
Please allow mail to be printed as PDF or give an option to export mail in PDF format.

Give us @commands for splitting & joining table cells, and hence smarticons for the same

: Notes Client / Other
: table, split cell, join cells
Christopher Boote6132 - 21 2013 / (0)
It would be handy to have smarticons that split & joined table cells, hence the need for @commands to do that

Simplify the use of notes plugin for web browsers

: Notes Client / Other
: notes9 browser plugin
Marius Jaeger1947 - 08 2013 / (2)
In Notes 9 there will be a notes plugin for web browser available.
This plugin opens any notes database inside a browser window with all the notes client functionality.
There are many situations where the notes plugin could be the better choice, then using the notes client.
First ...

Add some views into the "Views" section of the Notes 8.5 mailbox

: Notes Client / Other
: email, views
Stephen Bailey1819 - 22 2012 / (2)
Another simple one.
By default, when you open an un-customised Notes 8.5 mailbox, the "Views" section doesn't contain any views. Simply put, it should!
Some examples might be:
By Sender
By Size
By Attachment
By Month
Mail Threads

Improve "When New Mail Arrives" alerts with folder highlighting / limiting

: Notes Client / Other
: mail
Mark Demicoli11797 - 14 2012 / (2)
The alerting system (popup / tray icon / sound etc) only works as intended if you're not using Mail Rules to automatically categorise your mail.  The alert occurs in your system tray / popup / sound and you don't know which folder the message has been moved to if a ...

Show Design last modified date in the properties of the database in the design section in the tab Inheritance

: Notes Client / Other
: design inheritance, database properties box
Alexey Katyushyn3063 - 22 2012 / (1)
It would be nice to see Design last modified date in the properties of the database in the design section in the tab Inheritance.

templates in the meeting invite for the meeting minutes

: Notes Client / Other
: meeting, templates, calendar
Christian Wulff150 - 04 2012 / (0)
There are multitude of templates out there for meeting minutes, many good, many very very bad.
Maybe to simplify it , additional options can be added in a meeting invite - to speed up management of the meeting.
- Firstly the best way to manage a call ...

calendar delegation in Lotusnotes, byt the chair person, without cancelling the meeting

: Notes Client / Other
: calendar, meeting, meeting invitation delegate
Christian Wulff150 - 04 2012 / (1)
Please make it possible to delegate a meeting in Lotus notes to another person, without cancelling the meeting.


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