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New ODS: multiple files instead of a single file

: Domino Server / Other
: domino, ods, file, db2
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 26 2015 / (3)
Do you think Domino ODS can be improved by using multiple small files instead of a single big file? DB2 uses something like this. A Domino database can be a directory (or zip?) instead of a file. one file for design, one file for ACL, index files, view files, datafiles, ...

Y'know that right-click lookup user on emails? That would be really useful in the dialog it opens.

: Domino Server / Other
: names.nsf
Mike Woolsey5040 - 12 2015 / (0)
I'm very often trying to track down "Just who can run XPages?" or "Who's an admin on this server?" in the Server document, but right-click "Show Name Details" opens a dialog box ... that won't let me drill down further. At least as far as I know.
It'd be ...

XWork Server Community Edition

: Domino Server / Other
: xwork
Sergio Ramos868 - 27 2014 / (4)
I believe these idea is great :  http://goo.gl/qRbkAI
Having an XWork Server CE will make more young people to enter the Domino / Notes / XWork world.

Add API to either Resource Reservation database or RnRMgr to allow trigger by other applications

: Domino Server / Other
: resource reservation, api, rnrmgr
Tinus Riyanto2905 - 24 2014 / (0)
 We have had several clients coming to us on how to put a "display" for Resource Reservation in front of respective meeting rooms, so originally we thought about creating an X-Page application to display the data. Then Domino 9 come along with REST capabilities and it would be nice if ...

Stop Opened/Closed session logging for Traveler Servers

: Domino Server / Other
: log_sessions, traveler, open session, opened session
Steven Vaughan75 - 12 2013 / (1)
If you have a Traveler server in your environment, on your mail servers, the Traveler server is constantly opening and closing sessions while reading/polling mail files. On a heavily used Traveler server, this can create tens of thousands of "Opened session for Traveler/Org" and "Closed session for Traveler/Org" every day ...

System wide Web Query Save

: Domino Server / Other
: domino, save
Paul Hudson1030 - 02 2013 / (1)
 It would be very helpful to have a web query save function that applied to all saves in before applying form specific WQS. For example, to run code to clean up html for XSS hacks or extra Word tags

reload profiles into caches

: Domino Server / Other
: profiles
Mike Woolsey5040 - 14 2013 / (0)
 I could really use some control over loading profiles, and getting them refreshed into the cache. In Notes and on the HTTP server, the profiles can stay cached for long periods of time.
I'd like to have an option on @GetProfileField() to reload the cache from disk.
I'd like ...

Enable specific filter / notification for result of specific DDM probe sub-type

: Domino Server / Other
: domino domain monitoring filter, notification
Tinus Riyanto2905 - 14 2013 / (0)
The basic requirement is a follows :
Administrator team wish to be notified if any specific DDM probe return a result. For example if Application Probe : Agent Running behind schedule catch any agent that is more than 30 minutes behind schedule.
Problem is, as as as I know ...

Please extend WebDAV to include calDAV & cardDAV support for contacts/calendar syncing

: Domino Server / Other
: mobile, properties
Craig Wiseman21821 - 15 2012 / (2)
 calDAV and cardDAV are open standards for access to calendar & contacts, and IBM is all about open standards!
We already have support for iCal, vCard, and webDAV in Domino... please stitch them together to provide calDAV & cardDAV support.

Remake Resource Reservation template using XPage

: Domino Server / Other
: resource reservation, xpage
Tinus Riyanto2905 - 13 2012 / (0)
Let see, we now have the following Domino Template re-developed using XPage :
1. Discussion
2. Document Library
3. Teamroom
So how about having Resource Reservation re-done, please ?
Correct me if I am wrong though. 

Add some additional info to Application Catalog (StdNotesCatalog)

: Domino Server / Other
: catalog
Alexey Katyushyn3063 - 26 2012 / (0)
Add some additional info to Application Catalog:
1. Include DAOS information, like in Files tab in Domino Admin Client
2. Compression info: Data, LZ1, Design
3. Full-text index settings

Free Time publication for outside users

: Domino Server / Other
: calendar free time
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 25 2012 / (1)
My new idea is to make a service which publishes the users availability (calendar freetime info only) informations outside the company. This can save lot of time to organize intercompany meetings. The users outside can connect to this server and query for invities freetime info.
Eg: now, ...

Autopurge function for databases

: Domino Server / Other
: archive
Mark Demicoli11797 - 08 2012 / (3)
Typically, there exist databases which have high informational value but long, even medium term retention may not be desirable.
What I'm proposing is for templated databases to be automatically deleted and re-created on a configured interval.
The typical scenario is databases like domlog.nsf, which provides invaluable insight into ...

New DDM Probe - Log Analyzer

: Domino Server / Other
: ddm, ddm probe, log analyzer
Tinus Riyanto2905 - 02 2011 / (0)
I recently have the need to automatically collect and/or export some ID Vault messages on Domino Log database. Since we implement log rollover every month I would have to periodically run Log Analyzer query and copy the result somewhere else. It would be great if DDM would have a probe ...


: Domino Server / Other
: lotus domino, extjs, its-office, stp
Roman Skrupnik70 - 08 2011 / (4)

Demonstration of connection Lotus Domino whis ExtJs.

System of automation  of technical support service - iTs-STP.

Ability to work remotely with the program is implemented through communication Lotus Domino with ExtJs.

Technologies used:

- Security, data ...


Please Fix the NSF

: Domino Server / Other
: nsf nosql
Mark Myers410 - 04 2011 / (7)
Please fix the NSF database 
and by 'Fix' i mean:
1) Remove the obvious size limitations such as 32k view lookups, maximum field numbers and plain text field limits 
2) Provide a good JDBC and .Net Drivers that enables access to the database from remote locations
3) Improve scaling ...

Scroll in Domino server console

: Domino Server / Other
: server console, domino
Vlad Sh10448 - 28 2011 / (1)
  1. Need support scrolling with the mouse wheel.
  2. At any scrolling does not position the cursor on the new text, because it constantly resets the position found by the screen. You have to repeatedly go back up to see the desired fragment, and so many times. 

Pause Agent Manager

: Domino Server / Other
: agent manager
Mark Demicoli11797 - 24 2011 / (0)
1.  Agent Manager console command "pause".  Could be useful in debugging.
 2.  (maybe) Add server document parameter on the Agent Manager Tab, "Pause between" which could be used to specify time ranges when the agent manager holds state / hibernates.  This could be useful for allowing things like backup ...

Support Hierarchical view names in XPages

: Domino Server / Other
: xpages, view, extension library
Mike Woolsey5040 - 12 2011 / (0)
Xpages extension library has a nice object xe:dominoViewListTreeNode  allowing the display & selection of view names. Very cool.
I've been using this a lot, but I'm noticing the need for anothe tree node object.
This object would generate the Domino View List as a hierarchy -- maybe, xe:dominoViewHierTreeNode  -- allowing the receiving component ...

Correct work of iNotes in modern versions of FireFox (4/5/etc)

: Domino Server / Other
: inotes, web templates
Alexey Katyushyn3063 - 23 2011 / (3)
It's funny, but in IE 7/8/9 current version (8.5.2) of iNotes works without bugs. But in FireFox versions 4 and 5 - with  bugs in full UI mode. This is especially funny when IBM is using FireFox as a corporate standard...


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