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Message Recall available to Administrators (SPR # Included)

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: message recall, journal, administration
Jeremiah Benjamin804 - 04 2014 / (1)
I requested that IBM add a new Role in the ACL for "Message Recall" ability so Admins or other designated users can Recall Messages on a user's behalf.  (I'm not going to be dogmatic about the method...I merely suggested the ACL Role because it seems a natural way to assign it and retain security.)

Improvements to Single Copy Template (SCT)

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: sct
Mark Demicoli10736 - 29 2014 / (0)
A couple of little tiny enhancements that would remove the sharp edges from SCT.
1.  Make designer task tolerant of bad design element references.  Currently, if a design element is deleted from an SCT template, all hell breaks loose in target databases, even if the element is no longer used ...

Updall task: Add option to Delete View Indexes

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: updall
Mark Demicoli10736 - 27 2013 / (0)
This option would be useful to clean out databases of their indexes in a similar way as the tool in the Admin Client to purge view indexes.
Note: The -R switch rebuilds views that are currently indexed.  It does in effect purge existing view indexes but builds them afresh which ...

Extend the 'User detail' info of a database

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: user detail, access, delegate
Mathieu Pape8090 - 28 2012 / (0)
Currently it only shows who has read, written or deleted documents but you cannot make out which documents were involved. We have many cases where documents "magically" disappear and where it would be nice (or even sometimes we are being asked) to be able to show who did actually delete it. 

Server Console: Different colour for console commands / responses

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: console commands
Mark Demicoli10736 - 11 2012 / (0)
When issuing console commands, it can be difficult to see task response to your command on a busy server as there is a lot of scrolling going on.
It would be nice if console commands were inverted (ie white background black text, or something else that makes it stand ...

Cluster analysis : take admin4's "pending deletion requests" into account

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: cluster
Mathieu Pape8090 - 29 2011 / (0)
When you perform a cluster analysis and you have other administrators having deleted mail boxes but not yet approved the deletion of the replicas, you will turn around as you will recreate the missing replicas shown in the analysis but that are actually supposed to be deleted permanently.
Could ...

Improve cluster analysis (greatly!)

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: cluster analysis, cluster
Mathieu Pape8090 - 22 2011 / (0)
Maintaining a cluster is rather tedious. A cluster analysis gives you only very basic information and actions :
no document count comparison,
no creation of missing replicas,
no quota sync, 
information showing could be greatly improved (via xPages?)
other ideas ?

Make Domino Server and client ignore [section]s in notes.ini

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: domino, notes.ini, notes
Tom Rune Berg735 - 03 2011 / (0)
There are many 3rd party scripts and solutions for maintaining the content of INI files, most of which base themselves on there being at least one [sectionnamegoeshere] element in the INI file. I would like to see Notes and Domino ignore the presence of such lines in the file when ...

Create MTBF for Linux and other server platforms

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: mtbf
David Hablewitz15116 - 28 2011 / (0)
MTBF is available for Windows 32 and Windows 64 bit server OS.  It's a great tool.  Make it available for the other server operating systems.  Then get it added to the standard server install kit (posted in an earlier idea)

Lotus Forgot Series: Make MTBF an integral part of the server software (was in the Sandbox)

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: mtbf, mean time between failures
David Hablewitz15116 - 29 2011 / (0)
I have the latest copy of MTBF posted on my website:  MTBF is a fantastic tool that tracks up-time statistics and mean time between failures and logs it in a database. Once upon a time it was posted in the LDD Sandbox. It didn't work quite right with ND8, ...

Include ODS version in Catalog and Domain Catalog

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: catalog, ods
Chris Hudson249 - 04 2011 / (0)
Currently going through an exercise of upgarding all of our servers to ODS51.  One thing I think would help immensely in the exercise would be to have the Catalog and by extension the Domain Catalog, include the ODS version of the database in the information it gathers.

SmartUpgrade for Domino Servers

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: smartupgrade, upgrade, deployment
Thomas Hampel124 - 15 2010 / (0)
Today SmartUpgrade can only be used for Notes clients, but servers can not be upgraded nor patched from a central console
To manage large Domino environments it would be useful to have a Domino application on a central server, from which the Admin can control:
- which server in ...

Provide a 64-bit version of panic tool

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: tools
Yuhsuke Murakami495 - 02 2010 / (0)
Administrators want to use a panic tool to test fault recovery on their new 64-bit Domino.
There are old tools for 32-bit Domino in sandbox, but those wouldn't wok on 64-bit Domino.

Allow Administrator the termination of running Java Agents

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: java, agents, domino, administrator
Michael Gollmick428 - 26 2010 / (0)
There is no way to terminate a Java agent that is running (and probably hung). As this (probably hung) agent is blocking agent manager from executing any other agent in the same database in some cases only a server restart will help. Weighting the impact of a server restart against ...

Additional option for convert task to control log output

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: convert, upgrade, task
Ulrich Krause5701 - 01 2010 / (0)
The convert task is reporting for each single design element which gets replaced the Design name, database title and template name.

28.05.2010 11:07:56 Updating 'NotesMailOutlineH' into database 'ACME user' from template 'StdR85Mail'

During a huge migration this unnecessarily ...

Make all debug settings in notes.ini start with 'DEBUG_'

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: notes.ini, domino server, notes client
Marzel Laning386 - 26 2010 / (0)
Most debug settings start with DEBUG*, but some are constructed without '_' or even with DEBUG in the end of the setting.
Consistency is not very obvious....
1. SMTPClientDebug=1
2. IM_Request_Debug=17
3. HTTPEnableThreadDebug=1
4. AgentThreadDebug=1
5. inetlockout_verbose_trace=1
Examples of how we would like to see debug ...

Make iNotes mail Redirector Application Cluster Aware

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: inotes, redirector, webmail, dwa
Keith Brooks6439 - 14 2010 / (0)
This is something which could be done and should be done but hasn't.
Probably because big customers have the money for IP Sprayers/load balancers.
But if this is a thorn in your side as an admin or as a user vote for it.
In my session at The View conference ...

Direct execution of server commands from program documents

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: program document, server commands, tell commands, administration
Richard Schwartz4594 - 16 2010 / (0)
Currently, program documents can only run programs.  They can't execute server commends, like 'route *' or 'tell router quit', etc.  Of course, they can run a program that executes a command, and while it's not actually documented anywhere that I can find, it is pretty well-known that you can run a ...

Be able to test web site docs and rules

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: rules
Bruce Lill10666 - 03 2010 / (0)
Domino processes the rules recursively so there is a chance of rules working againest each other. With that and the chance of mis-spelling or things just not working right.
It would be nice to be able to enter a url and have domino tell us what website docs/rules ect. ...

Server NSDs: Send to IBM automatically when created

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: nsd, crash, support
Mike McPoyle397 - 17 2009 / (0)
As I was zipping up some NSDs and sending them to IBM from a recent server crash, I wondered how efficient this really was?  How many times does a server crash, and it's so rare that the crash is never reported?
Creating a PMR isn't difficult, but I'd much rather click an ...


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