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Abort searching design of form

: Domino Designer
: search, enhancements, form, fields, designer
Mohammad Haidar25 - 26 2015 / (0)
 Ability to stop searching a form for a word, this will be time saving especially when the form contains big number of fields and you have by mistake chosen to search 'Scope: All Objects"

Make the columns of the design element lists customizable

: Domino Designer
: designer
Starrow Pan5103 - 20 2015 / (1)
The designer shows design elements,e.g. forms, agents, in views similar to normal notes views. The predefined columns are useful. But it would be better to be able to customize them. For example:
1. Thanks to XPages, there's little use now to create two versions of a form for notes client ...

Integrate Worklight into Designer

: Domino Designer
: worklight, domino, designer, tool
Zoltan Szabo4849 - 28 2014 / (0)
Ability to add Worklight into Designer as an external tool.

use one column value in another column

: Domino Designer
: designer, column values as separate entries
Mike Woolsey4870 - 15 2014 / (0)
 when using column values as separate entries I'm finding it much more useful to start with the same calculations in multiple columns. Itd be great if the designer didnt have to rewrite the exact same code four or five times in each column, just to keep the list values in ...

More integration between Notes/Designer and ODF (OpenOffice) files

: Domino Designer
: designer, notes, odf, openoffice
Sergio Ramos1004 - 04 2014 / (0)
Nobody uses Smartsuite anymore !!
So, having the option to export wk1, wk2,.. files is not needed. ODF spreadsheets should be able to be exported / imported from / to db views instead of Smartsuite files.
also, in Designer, the ability to use Notes/FX to exchange data with ODF ...

Document, then Allow Entry of Certificate, Server name in [CreateCrossCert]

: Domino Designer
: formula, designer
Mike Woolsey4870 - 05 2014 / (0)
@Command([CreateCrossCert]) is used to create cross certificates based on specific public keys. You can find it embedded in the NAB person document under "Certificates".
However, using it is a bear. Admins have to remember where their server ID file is, what server it's associated with.
If we had the ability ...

Security for CSS files

: Domino Designer
: css, security, designer
Andreas Imnitzer269 - 29 2013 / (0)
 with DDE 9, when you create a stylesheet in Designer, then look at the properties of the css file, tab "Security", you have to manually "make it available to public users". If you don't, you will be baffled by your stylesheet not coming through to your browser. 
Since it's ...

One Click of the diamond icon to edit XPages properties

: Domino Designer
: xpages properties, designer
Starrow Pan5103 - 01 2013 / (0)
Presently if you want to edit a XPage property with a computed value, you have to click the diamond icon and select between static and computed value. It would save a mouse-move and click if a single click of the diamond pops out the script editor. A "static value" option ...

Integrated ICS OneUI Editor for Designer

: Domino Designer
: editor, oneui, designer, css, theme, skin
Zoltan Szabo4849 - 02 2013 / (0)
My idea is a WYSIWYG Editor modul which helps to manipulate OneUI themes. The user can see a sample page of the OneUI theme, where he can click on an object, this opens the object properties and other elemnets. Then he can change them. Of course the sample ...

Agent context menu in editor tab eg. "Run Agent"

: Domino Designer
: agent, designer
Mark Demicoli10736 - 19 2013 / (0)
Description by example:
I'm particularly interested in Agents at the moment but this is relevant to other design elements.  I have multiple agents open in designer which I'm coding/debugging.  Each time I want to run one I have to locate it in the agent list in each application's Application Tree, which is ...

Set properties for all selected Forms

: Domino Designer
: form, form properties, designer
Christopher Boote10606 - 03 2013 / (0)
In the design client, with a list of all forms, select all or some of them, and be able to change all the form properties (specifically background images and colours, action bar properties, include in various menus etc.)

Set properties for all selected Views

: Domino Designer
: view, view properties, designer
Christopher Boote10606 - 03 2013 / (0)
In the design client, with a list of all views, select all or some of them, and be able to change all the view properties (specifically alternate row colours, grid, exten last column to view width, unread colours etc.)

IBM Worklight for Native Domino Apps

: Domino Designer
: worklight, domino, designer, mobile, nativ
Zoltan Szabo4849 - 21 2012 / (0)
IBM Worklight shoud be integrated into Notes Designer also, and should have support to access Domino databases. So, it can be used to develop native mobile applications with Domino databases behind.

Provide pseudo authentication for local preview

: Domino Designer
: authentication, designer, http, preview, xpages, login
Serdar Basegmez902 - 09 2012 / (0)
While developing XPages or Web application in designer, we cannot test applications for authenticated users. We need a server footprint for testing those applications.
Local HTTP preview process has to be modified to support some kind of authentication (it may even be a text file for test users).

Lotus Script Debugger - debug only selected object

: Domino Designer
: debugger, lotusscript, designer, event, object
Zoltan Szabo4849 - 17 2011 / (0)
The debugger should only debug the selected database and the selected event.
Everybody knows the situation when you debug a code, and you would like to read your mail, or look into the help....pressing continue button hundreed times.
Or you would like only debug a button, but you need ...

Integrate Source Control with Rational Team Concert

: Domino Designer
: domino, designer, integration, rational, team concert, repository, source control
Gernot Hummer685 - 08 2011 / (0)
Now that we are able to use source control it would be great if we could integrate that with Rational Jazz Team Concert and use its repository for source control. This way there would be great value in using Rational tools for software development within Lotus Domino/Notes.

NotesRichTextItem.ImportFile() to import a file to a specified (richtext) field

: Domino Designer
: designer, notesrichtext class, attachments, import
Kenneth Axi2537 - 04 2011 / (0)
Today when You need to import a file to a NotesDocument, the only way is to go through the NotesEmbeddedObject class, which will result in the attachment to be placed at the bottom of the form. I would like to see an improvement so that I can import any file ...

Sort Agents by disabled and enabled icons in Designer

: Domino Designer
: designer, designer agents, agents
Foua Vang2960 - 07 2011 / (0)
In IBM Lotus Domino Designer, it would be nice to be able to sort Agents by the disabled and enabled icons.

Lotus Designer script debugger window vertical split

: Domino Designer
: lotusscript debugger, split view, lotusscript, enhancement, debugger, debugger, designer, appearance
Zoltan Szabo4849 - 23 2011 / (0)
As screens are now mostly wide, it would be great to change the Script Debugger window to vertical split.
Left: code
Rigth: debugg info
Also when You open a large object, eg: notesDocument, then it's hard to review it, because You need to scroll.

Design Element References

: Domino Designer
: designer
Dwain Wuerfel2555 - 09 2011 / (0)
We have all encountered that helpful reminder that an element inherits from a template when doing an edit which is a great thing.  If you have ever used the Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI) product you have likely used the "Where Used" action which gives you a dialog box showing the ...


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