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Sametime - IM/Chat Client 


Prevent Transcript Save disables Screen Capture as well

:Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: security, chattranscript, preventsave
J.R. Hughes166 - 20 2007 / (13)

Is there any way around being able to screen capture chats where the Prevent Transcript Save option has been enabled in 7.5.1? I recently had a user blast me out of my cubicle because said user disabled Transcript Saving in a chat with another user. Under the false impression that ...


"Seen" flag in SameTime chat

:Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: chat, seen, status
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 10 2013 / (6)
Hi All,
It would be great to see if the other party of a chat was seen you message. Sometimes you send a message and nothoing happens. If "seen" status will be introduced then you will see if something happening on the other side.
eg: Facebook does it

Connect to more than one Sametime server in Notes client

:Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: sametime, notes client
Karl-Henry Martinsson1592 - 14 2009 / (4)
Allow more than one Sametime server to be listed in the location document.
I might want to be connected to both the bleedyellow server and my company server.
Perhaps have some kind of icon/categorization that show what server a particular user is on.

Schedule Sametime on and off

:Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: schedule
Craig Lordan136 - 25 2010 / (4)
Add a feature for the Sametime client that lets the user schedule when it starts/turns on, and more importantly, schedule when it shuts down/turns off.
For scheduling start up, the benefit would be to help ensure you activate Sametime in the morning, in case you forget to launch it. ...

Extend allow screen captures and images to the limited-use entitlement

:Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: sametime, limited-use
Matt Cook602 - 27 2010 / (4)
The Sametime limited-use entitlement for chat and presence awareness in Notes and webmail should include the ability to allow screen captures and images in the rich text.
Sametime Standard should not be required to get this functionality especially where web-conferencing, voice and video chat etc. are not needed.  This ...

Integrating the CISCO

:Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: sametime, office extension
Chiranjeevi Dasegowda85 - 10 2013 / (3)
Many times it happens that if

Sametime client for iPhone

:Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: sametime, iphone
Chris Fickett866 - 25 2008 / (3)
Build a Sametime client for the iPhone.

Sametime widget that provides Facebook-like status tracking

:Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: sametime, sidebar, widget, facebook, status
Garrett Wolthuis398 - 19 2008 / (3)
I would like to see a widget that tracks the status messages of user-selected Sametime users. Sort of the way Facebook aggregates your friends' status messages and actions. Ideally this could be a widget in the sidebar of 8.x clients.
I would also like to see a status update ...

Sharing your screen on Sametime

:Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: screen, sametime, chat, chat window
Dominykas Punis153 - 22 2013 / (3)

Share screen on Sametime chat          

 About it


To enhance Sametime

:Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: sametime
Chiranjeevi Dasegowda85 - 10 2013 / (3)
Very often, it happens that the fellow peers

Add support to the Ubuntu Linux distro

:Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: sametime, linux, ubuntu
Mario Costa2411 - 31 2007 / (2)
Simply add support to the Sametime client to run under the Ubuntu Linux distribution  

Sametime Status - Invisible

:Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: sametime
Adam Brown274 - 06 2008 / (2)
It would be a nice feature if you could set your sametime status to invisible. Sometime I want to be logged on and chat to someone but don't want to be hassled by everyone else. I know I can change status to Do Not Disturb but I would rather just ...

Provide option to hide taskbar icon

:Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: sametime taskbar
Edward Scott692 - 16 2010 / (2)
I am running Notes 8.5 Standard Configuration. As far as I can tell there is no way to hide the sametime taskbar icon. This is anoying as I never use the taskbar icon, yet it takes up space in my taskbar.
I would propose providing users with the following options:

Lotus Sametime needs to enable sending attachments simultaniously to multiple people

:Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: sametime, attachment, multiple
SUMA SHASTRY645 - 20 2009 / (2)
Same time "announcements" option is used to send a single message to multiple people. Enabling "Send attachments" via announcements as well as multi person chat will make it easy to share the same attachment with multiple people at one shot.

Social Networking via Sametime

:Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: social networking, sametime
Chiranjeevi Dasegowda85 - 10 2013 / (2)
Nowadays more emphasis is given to social networking
What if employees can get this info much easier through an application which they access the most which is "Sametime"?
It would be good if we can find the ids of few important social networking sites in our sametime contacts ...

Make the STHelpers part of the core Sametime client

:Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: sametime, helper, com, office, sdk, api
Carl Tyler5446 - 01 2008 / (1)
New in Sametime 8 is the ST Helper toolkit.  The toolkit is basically COM interfaces into the Sametime client, allowing you to start chats, resolve users, watch users etc.
Sadly this toolkit requires the Office integration to be installed.
I believe this toolkit functionality should be part of native ...

Add Contacts Easily

:Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: contacts
Michele Donohue76 - 30 2008 / (1)

When I log into instant messaging, there is no way to add contacts - it just says show/hide instant contact list


Extend Eclipse Communications Framework to work with Sametime IM

:Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: sameime, ecf, im
Andrea Garbagnoli645 - 09 2009 / (1)
Extend ECF to use Sametime IM as a transport, as a base for integrating RT Shared Editing into Notes Client and Symphony

Sametime chat transcript cloud storage.

:Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: sametime, restore, history, cloud
Dave Kelly75 - 05 2011 / (1)
If you are away from your primary workstation/laptop and you log on to a another system to use Sametime , your chat transcripts would be stored in the cloud for retrieval at a later time when you return to your primary workstation/laptop. A time limit could be set chat ...

All the links, attachments in one go from sametime chat

:Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: attachments documents links chat sametime
Meghali Rugge80 - 12 2012 / (1)
I receive a ton of documents, links, zip files, images etc that my co-workers and friends share with me on sametime. From technical design documents at work to any outing snaps, my ST is full of links, files, documents that I usually save to a place on desktop which ...


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