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Allow for an "Abstain" vote (Give credit for "No Opinion" votes)

:Idea Jam / Voting
: voting
David Hablewitz15116 - 11 2013 / (5)
Currently, participants are only credited for having a strong opinion on an idea.  If you don't feel strongly enough for or against an idea to promote or demote it, then you get no credit and that position is not considered.  Yet there is a real difference between an idea that ...

Weekly/Monthly email of new Ideas and Comments from IdeaJam

:Idea Jam / Profile
: push syndication
Mark Demicoli10736 - 29 2014 / (4)
RSS is just fine but most people are more likely to pay attention if they're sent an email with new Ideas and Comments from IdeaJam.

Implement a responsive frontend framework (like Bootstrap)

:Idea Jam / UI
: ideajam, responsive, twitter, bootstrap, framework
Hannes Mettelem299 - 20 2013 / (4)
The implementation of a responsive frontend framework (e.g. Bootstrap) would be a great enhancement to the UI and makes IdeaJam more accessible for mobile devices.

Display the number of people who have viewed a post

:Idea Jam / Voting
: readers
David Hablewitz15116 - 11 2013 / (2)
When looking at the list of ideas, display the number of people who have opened each post.  For an example of this, check out posts in facebook groups.

Is it possible for IdeaJam to provide a space simply for voting on SPRs?

:Idea Jam / Tags
: voting
Mike Woolsey4870 - 19 2014 / (2)
This is NOT a request for IdeaJam to try to track SPRs
I'd like the community to pick an SPR, describe the situation they think they're having which is related to it, and to vote on how much of an impact it's having on them.
For instance, probably my ...

Your score in Dashboard

:Idea Jam / UI
: dashboard, score
Zoltan Szabo4849 - 01 2012 / (2)
I think Dashboard should also show your score, just after the name as in My Profile

Make IdeaSpaces Separate Configuration Documents

:Idea Jam / Other
: ideaspaces, configuration, usability
Sean Burgess6178 - 20 2012 / (2)
I would like to see the IdeaSpaces removed from the configuration document and managed using an IdeaSpace form. The form should have the following fields/attributes:
  • IdeaSpace Name
  • List of Subspace Names
  • RSS Feed URL (Autogenerated)
  • Active/Inactive Radio Button - Would determine if the IdeaSpace is available for new Ideas ...

Link IdeaJam with Greenhouse Idea Blogs and vice-versa (Connections, ...) ?

:Idea Jam / Other
: greenhouse
Mathieu Pape8090 - 28 2012 / (2)
I recently discovered that Greenhouse from IBM has some idea blogs with voting features :
I feel as if efforts to push enhancement requests are scattered between different systems and thus have less weight each on their side. Any bridges possible?

Extend existing webservices of IdeaJam

:Idea Jam / Other
: ideajam, webservice, soap, rest
Hannes Mettelem299 - 20 2013 / (1)
The webservices provided by IdeaJam are a great feature. Please add more funtionality like deleting ideas and voting for them. This would give us the feature to implement interfaces in 3rd party software and get direct user feedback and feature requests without changing the system.

Vote for comments

:Idea Jam / Voting
: comment, voting, request, ideajam
Hannes Mettelem299 - 20 2012 / (1)
It would be great if users can vote on comments. Like Vote for answers to push them to the top of the list or just answer "Was this post helpful to you?" with yes/no.

Let us log in for more than 24 hours

:Idea Jam / Other
: login
Christopher Boote10606 - 28 2013 / (1)
Add a checkbox to the login screen (like Wikipedia) that says 'Keep me logged in for [30] days'
Allow the number to be edited
I use IdeaJam most mornings, it's a pain to have to log in every time

Get links in Activity Summary email to automatically log you in so you can vote straight away

:Idea Jam / Other
: usability, ideajam, voting, login
Emily Graham321 - 28 2013 / (1)
 I'd be 90% more likely to actually vote on an idea if the links from the IdeaJam Activity Summary actually logged me into the site.  If I have to go and dig out my login details, most of the time I just don't bother.  

Add functionality in IdeaJam to Automatically create an SPR for the enhancement request with IBM

:Idea Jam / Other
: spr, pmr
David Hablewitz15116 - 11 2014 / (1)
Enough whining about IBM ignoring this website.  How about adding a field to the New Idea form in IdeaJam to allow for the PMR / APAR / Story Number?  Also add a link to the Passport Advantage website so when people click "Promote" they can create a PMR with IBM ...

Support for Safari

:Idea Jam / Other
: browser
Peter Presnell28487 - 27 2015 / (1)
I just tried to submit n idea using  Safari browser running OSX El Capitan and receieved some weird jigsaw puzzle icons inside the rich text editor suggesting (to me at least) that this version of the browser is not supported by IdeaJam. It seems like an reasonably important browser to ...

After opening and voting on an idea, clicking the "Back to all ideas" button should return to the idea list at the same entry.

:Idea Jam / UI
: navigation, ideajam
David Hablewitz15116 - 29 2013 / (0)
If you page through the list of All Ideas and then open an idea and vote on it, when you click the button to go Back to All Ideas, it returns to the top of the list rather than the spot in the list where you were previously.  This should ...

Create interface for Archived Ideas/Comments

:Idea Jam / Other
: archive, view, read only
Sean Burgess6178 - 20 2012 / (0)
I would like to have an interface that would allow archived ideas & comments to be viewed. No voting or additional commenting would be allowed. Admins should be able to enable/disable the interface in the configuration.

Organizing Better The IdeaJam Search Results

:Idea Jam / Search
: ideajam, search results
Bill Malchisky12192 - 30 2011 / (0)
Can we get some simple separation between ideas and comments in the search results? Put in a word like, 'iNotes' and you will get over a 100 screens of information. Allowing to split the results into two distinct categories, will easily eliminiate noise, all while making it easier to ascertain ...

Add Configuration Item to allow archived items to be included in statistics

:Idea Jam / Other
: archive, statistics, configuration
Sean Burgess6178 - 20 2012 / (0)
 We have a number of IdeaJams that live for a long time. Over the life of the database, IdeaSpaces are added and removed when the focus of the Jam changes. Unfortunately, when you remove an ideaspace or archive ideas, comments, and votes, they are no longer included in the statistics ...

Implement Sametime Presence to IdeaJam and click to chat

:Idea Jam / Other
: sametime, presence, clicktochat
Richard Jeans87 - 23 2012 / (0)
Simple ideally really - allow Sametime integration for click to chat alongside names. 

Add a specific IdeaSpace for "iNotes"

:Idea Jam / Other
: inotes
Mathieu Pape8090 - 13 2012 / (0)
Doesn't exist yet whereas iNotes becomes more and more used. 


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