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Programmable embedded views

:Domino Designer
: views, embedded
Dan King2533 - 14 2007 / (7)
Can't believe this hasn't been proposed yet as it's an old idea.
Just want to be able to specify server (as in current server), database and view, rather than replica id. Replicas don't work for development.
This only applies, since Nathan Freeman's sesame street example, to single category ...

Running totals in views

:Domino Designer
: notes, views
Julian Woodward1824 - 04 2007 / (6)
Ability to flag a view column as 'running total', so that it would display a running total of all the data in the view.

Probably very hard to do, given the way the view engine works and the complications of readers fields, categories, single-categories, bla bla ... but it ...

Stop hidden documents showing in browser column totals

:Domino Designer
: views, browser, totals
Sean Cull528 - 04 2007 / (5)
The current system makes it impossible to use totals in views on a browser because the total will include documents that you cannot see because of Reader / Author restrictions
Would also be nice if we could categoris odeas under server and development as an example

Support for related multivalued fields in views

:Domino Designer
: views
Wim Stevens645 - 06 2011 / (5)
Documents may contain multi-valued items .  Many times the values in the items are related (e.g. a document describing an invoice may contain multi-valued items for the purchased article codes, article titles, article price, ...)
Suppose we need to build a view that displays all invoice documents that have at ...

Notes client view navigation - got to bottom/top, jump x number of entries

:Domino Designer
: views, navigation
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 26 2009 / (5)
navigating to views in the notes client is using the scrollbar, pressing the PgUp and PgDn keys or using the arrow keys.
i guess in some conditions it would be userfriendly to be able to action buttons with options to add a jump to top/bottom function or way to ...

Specify a profile field as the formula in a view column

:Domino Designer
: views, profiles, formula
Mike Woolsey5040 - 28 2014 / (4)
Often admins would like a way to recast certain columns in an application in useful ways, without having a major impact on the view's content or the like.
It'd be great if the developer could allow someone to change the formula in a profile, and have that affect a ...

Let DB Manager see "private views"

:Domino Designer
: private, views, manager
Bastian Wieczorek8075 - 22 2008 / (4)
Very often a user called me that he is unable to see xy in some DBs in his view. But I´m as DB Manager couldn´t help him, because I didn´t see the view he use (because it is private)...
So I must visit his workstation to have a look ...

Impliment a stronger visual indication when a column has been clicked on to sort by that column

:Domino Designer
: sorting, views, columns
Carl Rizzo1428 - 05 2010 / (4)
I get a few calls every now in then when a user has clicked on the header of a sortable column and they do not know why their type ahead search is not working.  They also don't know what happened to any catagorized column.  They might have even clicked on ...

Dynamic height for embedded views

:Domino Designer
: embedded, views
Les Zatony1216 - 28 2007 / (3)
I wish I could set the height of an embedded view based on a formula. This would allow me to better utilize screen real estate by calculating the height based on the number of entries that exist and could be used to set a max and a min height. This ...

Show twisties when rows are expandable

:Domino Designer
: rows, twisties, views, sub categories, categorize
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 04 2010 / (3)
when you select as a column property:
- show twistie when rows is expandable
and you use a formula similar like:
Category + "\\" + SubCategories
Only the first row is displayed with the provided image, the second row becomes again the ugly duck twistie as ...


:Domino Designer
: notesviewentry, totals, column, views
Joseph Hoetzl4703 - 09 2007 / (2)
We have notesViewEntry.IsTotal, but I was just working on something and would have loved a quick way to notesViewEntry.GetTotal. 
Sure, workarounds abound, but thought this would be handy.

View last indexed or view last accessed information

:Domino Designer
: view, enhancement, unused, views, ui, indicator
Dave Navarre339 - 20 2011 / (2)
It would be useful to have the list of views in the Designer client either display the "Last Indexed" date or the "Last Accessed" date, which are already stored and accessible in the properties, in a column, so that it is easier to determine which views are no longer used and ...

Add sort as numeric to view column properties

:Domino Designer
: notes, views, sorting
Fred Husoy740 - 05 2010 / (2)
In view columns you have option to check sort options to Case-sensitive sorting and Accent-sensitive sorting. I would like an additional option to sort as numeric.
This to avoid problems in sorting of numbers stored as text. Today, when stored as text 2000 comes before 201, and 200.13 comes ...

Allow using -basic- HTML in views (Notes Client)

:Domino Designer
: html, client, views
Frederic Block202 - 30 2007 / (1)
Today, you cannot easily design dynamic visual content in Notes view (for Notes Clients).
You can only define a color (backgroud, text...) for a whole colum.
I think a quite simple way to allow better management of user-interface in views would be to allow including basic tags and have ...

Weighted average option in view totals

:Domino Designer
: views, totals, average
Tim Paque2757 - 13 2007 / (1)

Currently if I sell 10 apples for 3 dollars in one row, and I sell 5 apples for 1 dollar in the next row and i want the "Average Price"  I can get the average price per row, which is 2, but not the weighted average of 2.33 (The price ...


Give me better control over the visual style of views

:Domino Designer
: notes, designer, views
Jeremy Hodge1383 - 04 2008 / (1)
I would like more control over the visual style of views, especially when it comes to categories. See my screenshot for an example, but

1. Let me specify a background color or background image and row height for a specific category
2. Let me choose whether column totals ...

Default categorized views using ajax in domino designer

:Domino Designer
: domino designer, webviews, views, ajax
Lotus Domino Designer188 - 17 2009 / (1)
As of now if we open the categorized view in lotus notes, the look and feel and the categorization option also toooooo bad.
There should be some mechanism in designer such that if u open categorized view, then it should be opened in the ajaz formatted view. Which is very ...

Editable views on par with a grid view control

:Domino Designer
: views
Slawek Rogulski8874 - 12 2007 / (0)
The current editable views are a step in the right direction but are still quite a long way away from fulfilling on the vision of what is possible with this sort of design element. Just look to a grid view control for a more complete feature set and the kind ...

view creation helper/wizard based on one or more forms

:Domino Designer
: views, forms
Slawek Rogulski8874 - 14 2007 / (0)
Provide a helper/wizard to create a view based one or more forms.
While having one or more forms highlighted I can click a button to create a view that will show documents created with these forms. When I open this view creation wiazard I can further refine which forms ...

Add NotesName as a View Column Type

:Domino Designer
: views
Peter Presnell26659 - 19 2007 / (0)
I would like to see NotesName added as a valid column type for views.  Once selected I could then have the option of chosing how I would like to display name fields ([CN] being the most common).  These would elminate all those @Name([CN];namefield) column formulas.  It should also speed up ...


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