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New function - @HostName

:Domino Designer
: browser, formula
Julian Woodward2032 - 23 2007 / (8)
@HostName(servername) would return the HTTP hostname for the given Domino servername
e.g. @HostName("Server1/Mega") might return "".

Shared Selection Formula for Views

:Domino Designer
: shared, view, selection, formula
Devin Olson980 - 28 2008 / (8)
I think the precedent has been set (with Shared Actions and Shared Columns); how about Shared Selection Formulas? I think they are a logical extension of what we already have.  Additionally, I'd like to see Shared Form Formulas.

@Formula library

:Domino Designer
: @formula, formula, shared, library, @function
Zoltan Szabo4849 - 06 2012 / (7)
Hi All,
do You think it would be usefull to add a Formula library? Like Script Library, it can contain user defined codes writen in Formula language. There are shared actions, but formulas can be used by many other design elements.
Functions could be called by it's name or, ...

Making @DocNumber available for calculations in view

:Domino Designer
: formula
Rajeev Menon3439 - 19 2007 / (6)
It may be because, @DocNumber is generated just before the html of of the view is pushed to the requesting client, that it is not available for any calculations based on it. I would like to have this formula available for calculations.

Bring us back the Formula Debugger

:Domino Designer
: designer, formula, @formula
Werner Novak1198 - 07 2008 / (6)
Please bring us back the @formula debugger !!
Local and Remote Debugging !!

@Name [TOLF] parameter for returning "Lastname, Firstname"

:Domino Designer
: formula, @name, i18n, names, column, collation
Gregory Engels1706 - 03 2008 / (6)
Note This keyword is new with Release 8.5
Returns the name in the form of  Lastname, Firstname when a common name or a hierarchical name is provided. This is especially usefull when used as in a column formula, since it allows to sort the names bibliographically.

Show-When formula

:Domino Designer
: show-when hide-when, formula
Zoltan Szabo4849 - 06 2012 / (5)
There a situations when the formula for Hide-When is more difficult than if there will be a Show-When option.
So, my Idea to add an option to change the Hide-When formula to Show-When. This can be applied to fields Edit Formula; enable edit and disable edit.

Specify a profile field as the formula in a view column

:Domino Designer
: views, profiles, formula
Mike Woolsey4870 - 28 2014 / (4)
Often admins would like a way to recast certain columns in an application in useful ways, without having a major impact on the view's content or the like.
It'd be great if the developer could allow someone to change the formula in a profile, and have that affect a ...

XPages: @DBLookupBig & @DbColumnBig

:Domino Designer
: formula, xpages, @dblookup, @dbcolumn
Erik Brooks915 - 11 2009 / (4)
XPages are here, they're big and bad and scalable. They integrate with @Formulas, which is extremely powerful. For things like repeat controls, type-ahead, etc. there are times when you use @DbLookup or @DbColumn.
But these functions are limited in returning 64K, like the days of old.
Two new ...

Add formula @IsDocBeingPrinted

:Domino Designer
: formula, designer, form, hide-when
Erwin Heeren1436 - 22 2010 / (3)

We have
Why can't we have @IsDocBeingPrinted

No problem to trade it for @IsDocBeingLoaded


Window title should be evaluated after the fields are evaluated

:Domino Designer
: form, window title, formula, calculated, cfd
Vlad Sh10679 - 19 2010 / (3)
I wanted to make a universal formula and put it in the Shared Computed For Display (CFD) Field $hf_WindowTitle (inherit to all databases), and that it was calculated at the opening of the Form.
    "(Deleted document)");
"New document")

Design code

:Domino Designer
: ls, formula, java
Palmi Lord178 - 06 2008 / (2)
What about right mouse click in the Designer pane and selecting Code from Library local or server
I like the Drag & Drop for design forms and views idea too

Increase the amount of data formula can output

:Domino Designer
: formula, @formula, evaluate
Tommy Valand2703 - 17 2008 / (2)
As far as I know, formula can only output 64k of data.

This especially limits the usage of formula in Evaluate-statements.

Formula is --really fast-- compared to LotusScript. Formula has some inbuilt functionality that LS lacks. Two really powerful are @Tranform and @Sort. ...

Lightweight "Spacebased programming"

:Domino Designer
: lotusscript, formula, java
Alois Gruber1713 - 28 2008 / (1)
Spacebased programming is a concept for loosly coupled systems and has a small set of functions. Within Java there are implementations of JavaSpaces. IBM has TSpaces for that. Commercial products in the field offer far more functionality than I think for. For Notes, I would use it ...

Show when / Hide when option for tabbed table

:Domino Designer
: table, tabs, hide, formula
Patrick Kwinten21314 - 27 2009 / (1)
Add a show when / hide when option for a tabbed table for individual tabs.
Nowadays I have to set a hide when for the whole content of the table under the tab, pretty unhandy.

12 hour / 24 hour time switch for @Text

:Domino Designer
: designer, formula, @text
Mike VandeVelde373 - 08 2010 / (1)
The LotusScript Format function has several options for displaying AM / PM.
@Text has none of these.
For example: when putting a time value into a string in a view column, I would like to be able to force it to 12 hour or 24 hour time, retaining ...

Add a way to change Agent Type

:Domino Designer
: agent, type, formula, lotusscript
Bas van Gestel2994 - 30 2010 / (1)
 When I want to create a Formula agent, 9 times out of 10, I accidentally create a LotusScript agent first (since LotusScript is selected by default).
I end up deleting the agent and creating a new one using formula. 
In previous designers you would just change the type ...

Make @InheritedDocumentUniqueID work consistently for saved document

:Domino Designer
: @inheriteddocumentuniqueid, document, id, response, formula
Starrow Pan5103 - 25 2008 / (0)
In a existing response document, @InheritedDocumentUniqueID returns the @DocumentUniqueID. That is to say, only when the response being created, the formula behaves like what its name suggests. That's rather misleading. Why not return the parent document id, I think it's not so complicated for you can get it from $Ref.

Collapse / Expand section if formula is true

:Domino Designer
: section, collapse, formula
Ondrej Kostruh1369 - 22 2009 / (0)
Similar as Hide when formula is true. Designer can set section as always open/close, but in the case when formula is true (ie. status field) sections is open by default.

Add @DialogBox, @PickList and @Prompt for x-pages

:Domino Designer
: xpages, userinterface, formula
Gernot Hummer685 - 06 2009 / (0)
I know that it's obviously something different to have the formula functionality in Lotus Notes and on the web browser, however, there has to be a way without getting crunk on Dojo to implement this functionality. At least @DialogBox with another xPage to open (maybe with a view control to ...


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