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Linux support for Quickr Domino version

: quickr, domino, linux
Simon Scullion745 - 08 2007 (11)
Currently the Domino version of Quickr is not supported on Linux, yet Domino itself and even Sametime are. This could be included in a more general, but even less likely, call for OS support consistency across the products!

DAOS enable Quickr on Domino

: daos, quickr
Roland Reddekop4539 - 25 2009 (11)
Quickr places are chock full of attachments. So it makes sense that the latest Domino technology for storing attachments outside of the NSF be made available to Quickr on Domino. Scalability and ease improvement of backup times (because the NSF is small and the attachments don't change once written) are ...

Quickr Connector support for Windows 7 and 64 bit OSes

: quickr, win7
Darren Duke3521 - 03 2009 (11)
With RAM being limited to 4GB on 32 bit OSes it is only a matter of time before:
  1. Companies start to move to 64 bit desktop OSes
  2. Windows 7 is mainstream
For these very reasons we need Win7 and 64 bit support in the connectors.

Add multi language support in Quickr (Domino version)

: quickr, quickplace
Cristian D'Aloisio1368 - 29 2007 (9)

I would like to see my Quickr interface changing labels, error messages etc.  according to the the web user language setting on his/her browser.

That would be very handy for companies with branches all over the world.

A solution could be having language translation managed in  text files saved over ...


Allow Quickr (And Sametime) to use Internet Site Documents

: quickr, sametime, http, configuration
Chris Whisonant2475 - 11 2007 (9)
Quickr and Sametime are some of the cutting edge technologies that IBM offers. Back in 2002, one of the cutting edge configuration changes with Domino included Internet Site documents. But Quickr and Sametime aren't supported by these.
This is related to my LTPA token idea - but without Internet ...

Connections style HomePage for QuickR

: quickr, hompage, connections
Zoltan Szabo4849 - 16 2011 (7)
lot of customers are requesting a Home page for QuickR, like we have in Connections. It should display summary of the place, like:
- last X blog entries
- new wiki pages
- new documents
- last announcement
- actual tasks
- today's calendar
- warnings
- etc...
With these ...

Allow Quickr (And Sametime) to use LTPA Tokens with a different name.

: quickr, http, ltpa, configuration
Chris Whisonant2475 - 11 2007 (6)
Quickr has to use a pre "Internet site documents" LTPA token and it has to be the default name. IBM should allow customers to user custom names for this token. Perhaps a token was created in the past with a different name and now a new Quickr installation would like ...

Quickr 9.0 should support Domino 8 Linux, Fedora servers and workstations

: quickr
Mika Heinonen3778 - 12 2007 (5)
Quickr 9.0 should support Fedora 8 connectors and Fedora 8 server.
It would be not a bad idea to stop supporting all Windows servers/workstations either. Currently Quickr doesn't even support Vista and Fedora 8, nor Domino 8. Its quite outdated.

Put a Recycle Bin in Quickr  

: quickr
Mark O'Hara848 - 09 2008 (5)

We are in the midst of a Sharepoint vs Quickr battle.  Lots of people rave about Sharepoint.  Since we Domino administrators have never used Sharepoint before we have trouble defending Quickr against this bias.  As soon as we saw a standard Sharepoint site one one feature jumped out to us as a glaring oversite in Quickr.

How about adding a Recycle or ...


Save the entire Notes email to a Quickr folder

: quickr, email
Eric Lohry2745 - 12 2007 (4)
There is a tremendous amount of intelligence in many emails (excluding mine) that is lost into personal Notes mail folders.  This content can only be saved to Quickr by cutting and pasting.  Domino Doc Manager allows the entire email and attachment to be saved at one time to a folder.  ...

Publish team calendar in iCal format

: quickr, ical, calendar
Chris Fickett808 - 26 2008 (4)
I would like the ability to subscribe to a Quickr team calendar and display it in another iCal complaint application like Notes 8.5 client.

Quickr Licenses Reporting Tool

: quickr, license, licensing
Darren Duke3521 - 20 2009 (4)
The ability to add external users is a double edged sword. Yes, it is an icredible idea to allow communication inside and outside the organization. However, it is very difficult to ensure complicance for a licensing prespective (until we get reasonable extranet licensing options).
We need some type of ...

Provide a Role setting to enable Place Editors (and possibly Authors) to create sub-folders inside a Quickr Folder

: quickr, folders
Roland Reddekop4539 - 13 2009 (3)
Currently, you need to have elevated access of Manager in order to create folders in Quickr. This is too high access for a simple task of creating a folder, especially using the Quickr Explorer Connector.
We should have a setting per place to enable selectable lower access levels to create ...

Improve the look of the Quickr Calendar (Domino version)

: quickr, calendar
Roland Reddekop4539 - 18 2009 (2)
The existing Quickr calendar in Domino hasn't improved since version 5. Its cramped and hard to read. We need it to look more like the full size calendar in iNotes.


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