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IBM Lotus Client Single Sign On

: Quickr
: quickr, notes_client, sametime_connect, sso
Steve Franzen553 - 03 2008 / (0)

Create a Single Sign On process for all of the IBM Lotus Product Clients.   It could use the operating system credentials or other back end stores,  to authenticate a user to the server. 

  • Notes Client
  • Sametime Connect Client
  • Quickr Connectors

You could even create a browser plug-in that could ...


Domino / Quickr / Sametime on one server (for SMBs)

: Quickr
: domino, sametime, quickr, integration, smb
Craig Wiseman24988 - 29 2008 / (0)
For smaller sites (50-200 users), it would be extremely useful to be able to install Domino (mail), sametime (chat), and Quickr on one server.
Even if the long term target use is going to require multiple servers, it lets them try it all out before committing to (for them) a ...

Let Quickr and Sametime integrate using Domino directory

: Quickr
: ldap, domino, sametime, quickr, integration
Craig Wiseman24988 - 06 2007 / (0)
Instead of requiring LDAP. Lots and Lots of SMBs have sametime already installed using Domino, not LDAP.

"Notify" through Sametime IM as well as email

: Quickr
: notify, sametime, quickr
Eric Lohry2745 - 10 2008 / (0)
I am cleaning out my email in-box and deleting a zillion "notifications" from Quickr.  As Quickr grows in an organization, so does the email notifications.  Instant Messaging has the advantage of being more of a "temporary" messaging tool (as in "instant").  It makes sense to have the option of notification ...

Create A Hotfix Installer

: Quickr
: quickr, installation, hotfix
Chris Whisonant2475 - 11 2007 / (0)
Currently, Quickr hotfixes consist of a zip file that contains several files that have to be manually extracted to various locations. I would like to see IBM create an installer to do this automatically.

Be able to access Quickr spaces with a Blackberry

: Quickr
: quickr, blackberry
Eric Lohry2745 - 10 2008 / (1)
It is great that Blackberrys can read attachments in emails.  But as we encourage users to send "links" to Quickr folders instead of sending the actual documents, Blackberry users no longer have access to the documents.  (At least we haven't figured it out...)

Quickr should fully support Mac clients (i.e. a Mac connector pack)

: Quickr
: quickr, mac, connector
Stuart Mcintyre1684 - 13 2007 / (2)
Yup, that means support for all the same connectors as on Windows - Notes client, Sametime, Office/Outlook and Desktop/Finder.  If you had to drop one, then I could understand losing the Office connector, but I think the other three are essential.

Implement a Webdav interface to quickr repositories (fake Sharepoint server)

: Quickr
: quickr, webdav, sharepoint
Daniele Vistalli504 - 09 2008 / (1)

IBM could add to both Quickr 4 Domino and Quickr 4 J2EE a Webdav interface to quickr repositories.

This is needed to address a couple of things:

  • Better integration to Microsoft Office, the connector is good but this would make it work as native (faking a sharepoint server)
  • Better ...

Tagging needs adding to Quickr

: Quickr
: tag, quickr
Ian Farr929 - 20 2008 / (2)
Quickr does not support tagging.  A lot of other products do and it an assumed feature of 'web 2.0' software.  So let's have it to help with categorisation, searching etc.

New Versions Should be Backward Compatible

: Quickr
: quickr, templates, versions
Eric Lohry2745 - 02 2008 / (0)
Every version of Quickr should be able to run templates written in previous versions the way nsf and ntf files are "backward compatible."  So far,  each incremental version has caused problems with templates, preventing upgrades.
As an example, the current SNAPPS templates are not able to be run on ...

Global, All-Places Search

: Quickr
: quickr, search
Eric Lohry2745 - 09 2008 / (0)
There should be a gloabl search on the "My Places" page to allow searching for documents and contents of ALL of the places that a user has access to.  As Quickr becomes a large repository of information whithin an organization, there needs to be a method of finding this information ...

Provide a tool for migrating from Sharepoint to Quickr.

: Quickr
: quickr
Dale Dean1339 - 17 2009 / (1)
It would be nice to have a way to migrate from Sharepoint to Quickr. Builtin would be wonderful, but even a separate software from IBM would be nice. I know there are 3rd party tools, but they are EXTREMELY expensive, when you only have a couple of sharepoint sites to ...

New folder types in Quickr: Blog, Wiki and Discussion

: Quickr
: quickr
Jan F. Zeuthen493 - 23 2008 / (0)
Beneath Quickr there is still approx. 30% QuickPlace and that needs to be updated too. I would like to see some new folder types: Blog and Wiki. Today you have the options of creating a new Place or a Room (with some programming) if you want a blog or a wiki. ...

Allow multiple LDAP directories, like Sametime

: Quickr
: ldap, quickr
Ted Hardenburgh477 - 09 2008 / (0)
Currently, Quickr can only access one LDAP directory for authentication.  If you want (or need) to provide access from multiple LDAP directories this isn't possible.  For example, you have a Domino LDAP directory and an Active Directory structure, you are forced to use native Domino directory w/ directory assistance for ...

Full access on Quickr with Notes Client instead just a rudimental connector

: Quickr
: quickr, connector
Daniel Reichelt333 - 09 2008 / (1)
Okay, Quickr is a web application. I know. But why it is not possible to have direct access to the Quickr databases & data with the notes client?
It's not a really smart solution with a connector that can just save attachments - an just only ONE attachment - in ...

Automatically Notify Quickr Admin When Hotfixes Are Available (for Quickr Domino)

: Quickr
: notification, fixes, quickr, automatic, download
Beth Anne Collopy145 - 28 2008 / (0)
It would be nice to receive a notification when hotfixes are available for Lotus Quickr for Domino Services. This notification could include a link to Fix Central (download site) and a brief description of what fixes are included.
Would you be willing to have the fixes automatically downloaded (but ...

Calendar Repeat Options

: Quickr
: quickr
Lori Lozzi158 - 11 2009 / (0)
Include biweekly and monthly repeat options in a calendar entry.

Quickr Connectors - default Quickr server, user name

: Quickr
: quickr, connectors
Jan-Erik Larsen148 - 21 2008 / (0)
When deploying Quickr connectors, users need to enter the Quickr server when adding the first place.
It would be nice to be able to add a server name during installation, like a Public Property to qkrconn.exe
- QUICKR_SERVER=http://hostname,
- and maybe also a USER_NAME=%username%, where &username% is the Windows user ...

Access to Quickr via Linux and Mac filesystem

: Quickr
: linux, quickr, filesystem, mac
Andrea Garbagnoli575 - 09 2009 / (0)
Create a plugin for FUSE to access Quickr repositories as parts of Linux and Mac Os X filesystems.

Integrate Quickr Connectors into the Lotus Notes install, just as is done for Sametime

: Quickr
: quickr, install, client
Roland Reddekop4539 - 06 2009 / (0)
If Quickr connectors were a Lotus Notes client install option (which could be scripted) that would simplify and reduce the administration required when upgrading or rolling out new machines. Imagine if Sametime (integrated version) was only a separate installation. That would hurt.


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