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Meetings of more than 24hours

: Notes Client / Calendar
: meeting, calendar, schedule
John Cawrey948 - 01 2008 / (0)
I want to be able to schedule a meeting lasting more than 24 hours, i.e. an over-nighter.
I dont want to have to make 2 separate entries, one from 13:30-midnight today, and then another 00:01 to 17:30 tomorrow.

Delegate Ownership of a meeting

: Notes Client / Calendar
: calendar, meeting, delegation
Stephen Bailey1802 - 11 2008 / (1)
This may be available in Notes 8, I'm not sure, but.
In Notes 7 and before, invitees to a meeting can delegate a meeting to a colleague.
However, the chair of a meeting is unable to hand over "chair rights" to the meeting to someone else. I'm sure ...

Creation of meetings "on behalf of"

: Notes Client / Calendar
: calendar, meeting
Rainer Brandl2238 - 01 2008 / (0)
Possibility for planning a meeting in the calendar of someone else but getting the responses ( accept / decline ) in the own mailbox.
Secretary is planning a Meeting in calendar of CEO
CEO is chair of the meeting
Secretary gets the responses ( accepts / declines )

Add "Resend Meeting Notice" to meeting chair actions

: Notes Client / Calendar
: meeting
Peter Presnell28487 - 11 2007 / (0)
After I send out a meeting notice I sometimes find people claim to have not received, deleted by accident, or declined in error.  I have not yet found a simple way in which I can send out the meeting notice to people already on the meeting list.  It would be ...

Meeting Rooms & Conference calls

: Notes Client / Calendar
: conference, call, meeting, room, personal, reservation
Paul Dotter140 - 15 2008 / (0)
With our company being spread across all 4 corners of the world and the whole eco-friendly mentality that is being pushed out, conference calls are fast becoming the norm for us.
The only problem is...
Chair books the meeting and invites people from 6 different locations
All 6 ...

Drag emails to Day-At-A-Glance

: Notes Client / Other
: day-at-a-glance, email, meeting, appointment
Ove St°rholt603 - 10 2008 / (0)
It should be possible to drag an email og generic document and drop it in the Day-At-A-Glance sidebar plugin.
Even better; If the Day-At-A-Glance plugin had the possibility for showing time-slots, the document could be dragged directory to the time of day you wanted.

Mark proposed new date/time in calendar when countering meeting invites

: Notes Client / Calendar
: propose, new, time, meeting, invite, counter
Matt Buchanan2137 - 02 2009 / (0)
If you counter a meeting invite, the entry disappears until the original chair accepts. This can mean that if you counter an invite, someone else could then invite you for a meeting during the time that you countered the 1st invite with, which can cause a conflict, particularly if the ...

Chair of a Meeting Delegation

: Notes Client / Calendar
: delegate, delegation, meeting, invites
Benetta Perry195 - 19 2011 / (0)
Allow any chair for a meeting to be delegated. Today, the meeting has to be cancelled and rescheduled by the new person, if the chair is gone or on vacation. Allow us to transfer the chair of the meeting. Currently only the chair can update the meeting notice in any ...

Reminder for Meeting Chair When Required Particpants Have NOT Responded

: Notes Client / Calendar
: calendar, invite, meeting
Henry Ferlauto3691 - 19 2008 / (0)
Has your meeting every been "cancelled" because the required participants did not respond, do not have it on their calendar and thus forgot about it?
You cannot count on Lotus Notes filling it in as in ND8 because the other person may not even have Lotus Notes (e.g. intra ...

Mail to all who accepted

: Notes Client / Calendar
: calendar, meeting
Lotus Notes2588 - 07 2011 / (0)
There are Owners Actions on a meeting for sending mail to all invitees, to all who reacted, or to all who do not react. Some users would like to add "Send mail to all who accepted".

Change focus in meeting reminder when snooze time is changed.

: Notes Client / Calendar
: meeting, snooze
Bastian Wieczorek8390 - 16 2008 / (0)
Example situation:
A Calendar Meeting Pop ups...
You changed the snooze time and pressed enter
wops... you pressed done instead snoozed (because the done button has the default focus)...
What I would have is a change in the button focus when you change the snooze time. So when ...

Email Signature for Meeting Invitations

: Notes Client / Calendar
: meeting, mail-signature
Jason Levine980 - 10 2010 / (0)
The inclusion of email signatures in to meeting invitations would greatly reduce the need to open a new memo, copy the default mail signature and paste it in to meeting invitations.
There are other ideas already regarding rich text signatures and multiple signature which I think could apply here ...

Add "Accept" and other calendar entry option to the right click menu in the Inbox

: Notes Client / Mail
: inbox, calendar, accept, meeting
Joseph Hoetzl5019 - 21 2009 / (0)
I'd like the actions available on a calendar entry to be available on a right click of an invite - one less click to accept a meeting invite...

Add online meeting on existing calendar meeting entries

: Notes Client / Calendar
: sametime, meeting, calendar entry
Vincent Pihouee151 - 22 2010 / (0)
In lotus notes 8.5.1 mail template there is no way to modify an existing meeting entry (With Participants) to add a Online sametime meeting. Works only for ressource and Room.
We have to recreate the meeting and resend meeting to all users....
Would be good to allow it in future ...

calendar delegation in Lotusnotes, byt the chair person, without cancelling the meeting

: Notes Client / Other
: calendar, meeting, meeting invitation delegate
Christian Wulff120 - 04 2012 / (0)
Please make it possible to delegate a meeting in Lotus notes to another person, without cancelling the meeting.

Automatic Time Slots before and after Meetings

: Notes Client / Mail
: calendar preferences, calendar entry, calendaring, calendar, calendars, meeting, calendar
Jochen Mueller85 - 29 2010 / (0)
Some of our users suggested the following calendar functionality.
One meeting follows another, there is usally no time to get on time to the next meeting, because the last meeting with your Exec lasted till the very end, and you didn't want to get out off the room early...

templates in the meeting invite for the meeting minutes

: Notes Client / Other
: meeting, templates, calendar
Christian Wulff120 - 04 2012 / (0)
There are multitude of templates out there for meeting minutes, many good, many very very bad.
Maybe to simplify it , additional options can be added in a meeting invite - to speed up management of the meeting.
- Firstly the best way to manage a call ...

Meeting Time Manager

: Notes Client / Calendar
: meeting, calendar
Dave Kelly45 - 05 2011 / (0)
Integrated function in calendar invites to manage meeting time allocation.
The basic function of this tool is to show how much of allocated time a speaker is taking during their agenda items. The moderator/chair would pre-assign time slots per speaker for example 15 minutes for manager agenda items and ...

option to remove names from mail document when copying it into a new calendar entry

: Notes Client / Mail
: calendar, meeting, copy, mail, names
Patrick Kwinten21314 - 13 2009 / (0)
please add an option/dialog to include or exclude the names in a mail document when you create a new calendar entry from it via the 'copy into new' function.
this has been embarrassing for multiple times for users.
the current option is good and and a time saver ...


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