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Hide-When Formulas - Improve visibility in Domino Designer

: Domino Designer
: notes, designer, interface
Bill Whittakers1930 - 22 2007 / (14)
Add a separate dialog to display and enter hide-when formulas to improve visibility and access in designer; and/or add shading to indicate where hide formulas exist, as is done with pass-thru HTML.

More than 1 column for response documents in a view

: Domino Designer
: notes, designer, view
Jeremy Hodge1383 - 04 2008 / (1)
i would LOVE a new column "type" in a notes view, for lack of a better term called an "inline response column" ... This would be similar to the "display responses only" column, except that it allows me to add multiple columns for response documents, allows me to do totals for ...

Give me better control over the visual style of views

: Domino Designer
: notes, designer, views
Jeremy Hodge1383 - 04 2008 / (0)
I would like more control over the visual style of views, especially when it comes to categories. See my screenshot for an example, but

1. Let me specify a background color or background image and row height for a specific category
2. Let me choose whether column totals ...

Thumbnail images in notes views

: Domino Designer
: view, notes, image
Dan King2533 - 06 2008 / (2)
It's possible to add an image from the image resources to a column in the view, but if we want to provide a thumbnail of an image that's attached to the document, in a Notes client, it's not possible.
It may need another option in the column properties to ...

Highlight / indicate in designer when an element has a hidewhen formula present.

: Domino Designer
: designer, notes
Steven Chapman238 - 25 2011 / (2)
To make it easier to trouble shoot in designer it would be really helpful to be able to see if a 'hide when formula' applies to elements, especially text.
Its something we use a lot and would save people newer to designer (and some of us longer term ...

Using Notes://. Add support for query_string parameters in Notes

: Domino Designer
: notes, protocol, parameters, query_string, agent
Theo Heselmans6409 - 17 2009 / (1)
I'm using "Notes://...?open&Code=123" as a url from a browser. This works perfectly. However, I need to be able to read the query_string provided in the url. Trying this with e.g. an ?Openform, resulted in an empty string.
I also tried opening an agent using Notes://...myagent?Open, but this didn't work ...

Book proposal: The Diaries Of A Whimpy Notes Programmer

: Domino Designer
: notes, development, book proposals
Peter Presnell26659 - 15 2010 / (3)
This is response to Ben Langhinrichics' request for book proposals.
Building on a similar format to the great series written by Declan Lynch I would propse a book specifically targeted at those people who have acquired skills as a Notes Classic developer and are looking to make the ...

Generate as TextArea field property

: Domino Designer
: notes
Sean Burgess5201 - 11 2007 / (5)
It would be SOOOOOO much nicer to have a checkbox in the field properties that would allow the field to be generated as a TEXTAREA field instead of an INPUT field on the web. That would be so much easier and more logical that the crap we have to go ...

Notes native JOIN capability in a notes view

: Domino Designer
: notes, view, join
Jeremy Hodge1383 - 01 2008 / (12)
We need the capability to join documents natively in a view in the notes client with out the need of DB2.
I suggest the following syntax:
[ FULL | INNER | OUTER ] [ LEFT | RIGHT ] JOIN left_selection_formula [ALIAS "fieldname1" AS "aliasfieldname1", ALIAS "fieldname2 AS "aliasfieldname2", ... ] ...

Button to clear all bookmarks

: Domino Designer
: bookmarks, designer, domino, notes, client
Florian Stamer237 - 10 2007 / (0)
I'd like a button to clean up the designer bookmarks (=delete all of them)...
They're messed up all the time and I'm usually using "Go To Designer" feature in the client workspace anyway.
If there was a feature to clean it up, I wouldn't have to be ...

Drag & Drop components onto Notes design elements

: Domino Designer
: notes, client, ide, visual, ergonomic
Jason Hook2860 - 26 2007 / (3)
Wouldn't it save you time if you could drag Notes design elements from a palette and place them on your form, subform etc? 
Building on Andrew Pollacks idea fragments of script, or formula language could be user defined drag and droppable design elements.
And wouldn't it also be good to have ...

Make The Notes 8 Sidebar More Accessible To Notes developers

: Domino Designer
: notes, 8, sidebar
Peter Presnell26659 - 15 2007 / (6)
Notes 8 has added a great new feature in the sidebar.  The sidebar is the ideal location for placing a number of Notes application components.  Examples include the QuickNotes feature in the bookmarks template for adding a memo, journal entry etc.  Others include phone call log entry, directory name lookups.  ...

@GetFirstDocument and @GetNextDocument for view

: Domino Designer
: view, notes, notesviewentry, @function
Patrick Kwinten22018 - 11 2008 / (0)
would it be so hard to get an @GetFirstDocument and @GetNextDocument function in comibination with the OpenView @Command?

Running totals in views

: Domino Designer
: notes, views
Julian Woodward1824 - 04 2007 / (5)
Ability to flag a view column as 'running total', so that it would display a running total of all the data in the view.

Probably very hard to do, given the way the view engine works and the complications of readers fields, categories, single-categories, bla bla ... but it ...

Version property for NotesDatabase

: Domino Designer
: version, property, notes, database, notesdatabase
Zoltan Szabo5618 - 27 2013 / (3)
Hi All,
I suggest to add a new property to the NotesDatabase object to store version (application version eg.: 2.13.04 ) info. I think everybody used a "v.2.3" kind of extension in the title or in the About Document.
If a version property would be added to the ...

User-definable session data

: Domino Designer
: notessession, notes
Julian Woodward1824 - 24 2007 / (6)
I would like to be able (primarily in client-side LotusScript) to attach additional data of my own to the NotesSession object. For instance, in a multi-database application*, it would be great for performance to be able to pin handles to the various databases and/or lookup views onto the NotesSession object, ...

Allow font size in 'use formula for choice' in formula window

: Domino Designer
: notes, client
Venkata Ramana Koliparthi1391 - 06 2008 / (2)
Allow font size option in formula window (formula for choice) for check box, dilaoglist,combo boxes. E.g., It's very diffcult to find difference between  a colon and semicolon.

More integration between Notes/Designer and ODF (OpenOffice) files

: Domino Designer
: designer, notes, odf, openoffice
Sergio Ramos868 - 04 2014 / (0)
Nobody uses Smartsuite anymore !!
So, having the option to export wk1, wk2,.. files is not needed. ODF spreadsheets should be able to be exported / imported from / to db views instead of Smartsuite files.
also, in Designer, the ability to use Notes/FX to exchange data with ODF ...

Lotus Domino/Notes VCL for Delphi, C++ Builder, etc

: Domino Designer
: domino, notes, api, delphi, .net
Jeremy Hodge1383 - 14 2008 / (1)
Ok, so here is a "reverse" idea .... I'm looking for some feedback.  We, as a company, purchased the rights to DNotes a few years ago. If you aren't familiar with it, its a Delphi Native VCL ... its got both visual and non-visual components, and its built upon the ...

Add sort as numeric to view column properties

: Domino Designer
: notes, views, sorting
Fred Husoy740 - 05 2010 / (1)
In view columns you have option to check sort options to Case-sensitive sorting and Accent-sensitive sorting. I would like an additional option to sort as numeric.
This to avoid problems in sorting of numbers stored as text. Today, when stored as text 2000 comes before 201, and 200.13 comes ...


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