Add a 'Disable Reply All' toggle to emails 
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: Notes Client / Mail
: Mail, enhancement
: Declan Lynch710 13 Sep 2010
: / Email
Similar to the 'Prevent Forwarding' toggle currently found in the delivery options for an email there should be an additional option called 'Prevent Reply All'.
When selected the recipient would not be able to see the 'Reply All' options and would only be able to reply directly to the sender of the email.
This would be useful in large enterprises that send out corporate communications via email to their entire staff to help prevent against users who accidently click 'reply all'.

1) Alan Dalziel1450 (13 Sep 2010)
I've always recommended using Bcc for recipients when sending notices to an enterprise for two reasons - messages are smaller (the complete recipient list isn't stored in each message) and to prevent Reply to All from being used.
2) Declan Lynch710 (13 Sep 2010)
While what you say is 100% true and would also be a recommended way to send out company notifications there are now options in the mail template to hide the BCC line when creating new emails and besides, some companies want the address list in the TO line so that recipients who get the email know what group it has been sent to.
3) Michael Tassati5289 (13 Sep 2010)
but an action like that will only work in Lotus Notes (new versions) - external mail will not understand a flag like that.
4) David Hablewitz15116 (14 Sep 2010)
I have seen two solutions to this issue. Both worked very well in their setting.
1. The sender uses the BCC line and in the body of the message, at the very top, it identifies the distribution list or audience. Anyone sending such a broadcast message is familiar with revealing and using the BCC field.

2. Use the reader attributes of the group being used to email to (open the document properties of the group and click on the tab with the key). Set who can read the group to a limited group of people who are authorized to send such broadcasts. Be sure to include localdomainservers as well as the names of the people who maintain the group. Now they can put it into the TO field without concern for someone replying to all since only someone who can see the group can use it. This works for external users as well because smtp messages are treated as anonymous. Unless you give anonymous access to the group, they can't use it either.
5) Peter von Stöckel5721 (14 Sep 2010)
Since this would be a Notes-only solution, there's really no point to it, and as Alan and David noted, there are workarounds for this problem.
6) Declan Lynch710 (14 Sep 2010)
'Message Recall' and 'Prevent Copying' are also Notes only solutions. They won't outside your own Notes infrastructure. Should they be removed seeing as there is no point to them?
7) Peter von Stöckel5721 (14 Sep 2010)
There's no point to Message Recall, and I objected to it being introduced in Domino. Prevent Copying, is a lot older, from when Notes was the only viable client, I believe. I would object to it as a new feature if it was introduced today.

Regarding removing features from Notes and Domino, I don't see the point, unless there's some really pressing need to remove them, and that goes for any feature, including your suggested one.


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