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Date Time Calendar Time Controls on web 
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: Lisa Whitsell440 29 Jan 2009
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I like the calendar time control for date/time fields on the client.  These should also work on the web like they do in Xpages but without having to use Xpages.  Would be a huge timesaver instead of having to use js.  Would be nice to be able to specify a color scheme for it as well.

1) Peter Presnell26659 (30 Jan 2009)
I'm not sure I see any value in extending Web capabilities for Domino outside of X-Pages. This seems to be the future for Web client development, and possibly Notes client development from here on in...
2) Lisa Whitsell440 (30 Jan 2009)
The issue I see with XPages is having to to do everything twice. You have to create a form and then create your XPage to pull the data. If you want something quick it would be easier to just have the one step. Personally I would rather see more of the functionality built into the current form structure. Also, comanies have thousands of apps. They are not going to want to go back and create XPages for all.
3) Matt White9280 (30 Jan 2009)
@1 - Agreed, effort is going to be spent on XPages not classic Domino web development. However some things would be relatively easy to leverage using Dojo in classic, I get the impression that this may be one of those areas.

@2 - I wouldn't recommend going back and re-writing all your applications, but when you do have to go and make changes, add new forms or create new applications I am sufficiently sold on XPages that I would use that rather than using "classic" Domino.

In terms of having to do everything twice, you have to do that now with Notes and Web anyway, so I don't see any big issue there.
4) Bruce Lill6687 (15 Oct 2009)
xPages will not be the only way to do web dev. I have a lot of customres that will propably not ever use it. When you have to support normal web dev (HTML type) it's easier to have them edit pages or forms then try to teach xPages.

xPages in the client helps but I have most of my web apps look entirely different from the Notes side due to different audiences.

The dojo control can be used on normal web pages with a little coding. It would be nice if it worked like the rich text editor where you can select to use or not.


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