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Recipient name type-ahead 
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: Markus Niedermaier80 22 Feb 2008
: / Email

Expanding the list of keywords in the field "Recipient name type-ahead:" with the possibility "Server then Local". Would avoid issues when users have the additional setting "Recipient name lookup" set to "Stop after first match" to get troubles with encrypting emails with wrong outdated keys of an person existing also in their Personal addressbook and Server addressbook.

1) Christian Brandlehner1762 (23 Feb 2008)
This feature shipped with version 7.0.2.
2) Bastian Wieczorek8075 (24 Feb 2008)
I use Notes 8.0.1 and Im unable to see this?!?!
3) Charles Robinson5466 (26 Feb 2008)
Bastian, you have to be working from a local replica. Yeah, it doesn't make sense to me, either, but that's how it's implemented. I think Alan Lepofsky did a writeup about it.
4) Alan Lepofsky8315 (02 Mar 2008)
Charles, here is the thread where you and I figured this out. It is in Notes 7.0.2+, mail has to be local...
{ Link }
5) Robert Reese54 (28 Jan 2009)
The option in 7.0.2+ is for mail addressing (a different box) and only works if your mail file is local.

Having the type-ahead support Server then Local would be very useful regardless of mail file location.
6) Torben Strand Johansen13 (08 Jul 2009)
I agree with @5

My users are complaining, when an email intended for an internal employee, initials are used as shortnames, is send to a recipient from the local address book.


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