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Full-Text redirection to a dedicated server 
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: Domino Server / Data Storage and Management
: FT, full-text, fulltext, index, redirection, .ft, manage
: Gregory Engels1762 19 Sep 2008
: / Email
Allow for more control over the creation of a full text index for a database.
While an idea (linked above) already suggesting to redirect the full-text index creation for the whole server to a dedicated volume of (inexpensive and slow) disks, it does not go far enough to allow the most of a control for an administrator.(nevertheless its a good idea, go vote there!)

So, to allow the most of control, it should be possible to redirect a full-text index for a single database to somewhere else, possibly to a server which do dedicated full-text.

It could be realized by allowing to create .ft files (e.g. mail/gengels.ft for the mail/gengels.nsf file) in the data directory. This file is a text-file and could be opened with every text editor like vi or notepad. Inside there is a path to the redirected full-text index, this can be a path on the same machine or a redirection to another server like ft-server01/organization/de!!ft/mail/gengels.ft

Several server could redirect the full-text for all databases with the same replica-id to some dedicated search server which could perform the search requests for them. This would lead to better load-distribution while reducing the space needed for maintaining the full-text index only once, instead of all servers a replica resides on.

1) Uwe Brahm478 (24 Oct 2011)
Obsolete now:
This feature is now included in 8.5.3 :-)

Variable is:

2) Gregory Engels1762 (24 Oct 2011)
@Uwe: no, the 8.5.3 solution is not solving this idea here. It is solving the one linked above, since its let you now redirect the FT of all indexed databases on a single server to a dedicated volume.

What I am talking about, is redirecting it to a dedicated FT Server (or cluster) for a single database - so for example you could have 15 servers hosting the same replica of a database, but only one server that is actually mantaining the FT, and all FT Requests from clients would redirect to this specific server.

So, it is not obsolete at all :-)


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