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Put the Space Used column back in the Files view of the 8.5.1 Admin client! 
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: Domino Administrator / Data Storage and Management
: Chris Farrell647 14 Oct 2009
: / Email
If you have installed the 8.5.1 administrator client, you may have noticed that the Space Used column is missing from the Files view.  I, for one, find this information very useful.  I opened a PMR with Lotus support concerning this and was told "it was decided that "Space Used" will be completely removed from the admin client as it was deemed no longer necessary."
Is that true?  Does everyone except me find it unnecessary?
I would like to see it added back, anyone else?
I'd like to mention that back in May '09 I attended an 8.5.1 info session.  There was a workshop that included DAOS.  I noticed that when DAOS was enabled the Space Used column no longer reported on free space, but reflected the difference between the logical and physical size of a DAOS enabled database.  Not really a useful number.  I brought this to the presenters attention.  He got back to me a few weeks later & told me that it was "fixed in 8.5.1".  Little did I know that the "fix" was to remove the column altogether.

1) Joseph Hoetzl4703 (14 Oct 2009)
If I could promote this more, I would! It is these little things we miss!
2) Rob Goudvis6585 (15 Oct 2009)
Do the people at IBM really listen to us humble customers? You might wonder.
3) David Hablewitz15242 (17 Oct 2009)
OK, this must have been a brain fart. Whoever did it, just say 'the dog did it' and put it back and we'll all act like nothing happened.
4) Dale Jones11 (29 Oct 2009)
yes, we use this on a regular basis. Please add it back in.
Thank You.
5) Edward MacGregor11 (29 Oct 2009)
This has saved our butts a number of times when we've had to figure out which dbs would give us the best bang for our compact buck.
6) Paul Benwell11 (30 Oct 2009)
Everyone makes mistakes, IBM just put your hand up and admit on this one and lets have it back please.
7) Michael Kobrowski642 (12 Nov 2009)
If it has to change because of DAOS, sure, but there still needs to be a way to see how much whitespace there is in the DB, so get it fixed in 8.5.2!!
8) Peter Mullarky10 (08 Dec 2009)
Need this back BADLY !!!
9) Miro Uhlar10 (04 Aug 2010)
Yes, yes, we and some of our important customers use this on a regular basis - put it back, pls...


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