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Shared Selection Formula for Views 
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: Devin Olson890 28 Jan 2008
: / Email
I think the precedent has been set (with Shared Actions and Shared Columns); how about Shared Selection Formulas? I think they are a logical extension of what we already have.  Additionally, I'd like to see Shared Form Formulas.

1) Alois Gruber1706 (28 Jan 2008)
Pretty much like the idea I posted here:
{ Link }
2) The Turtle832 (28 Jan 2008)
Sort of, but if they were shared as a formula they could then be modified as a formula from a central location, possibly off shared fields and stuff. What you're talking about is a more under-the-hood engine thing that cleans up internal operations. At least that's what it seemed.
3) Werner Götz757 (29 Jan 2008)
Maybe it would be better, if we had "shared formulas" (like the script libraries for Lotusscript), which could be used for different purposes.
4) Julian Woodward1824 (29 Jan 2008)
Makes perfect sense.

@1 - Alois, your idea makes sense too, but sounds like a different internal optimisation thing (as Turtle says) rather than a developer-controlled feature. I think there's room for both.
5) Martin Humpolec706 (03 Feb 2008)
Good idea, I like to have shared columns collections as well :)
6) Jens Winkelmann380 (03 Feb 2008)
@3 Yes Werner, you are right.
@Funtion Libraries where we can program @Function subroutines is a more general solution.
With a @Function library you can program a selecton formula in a central place for many views.
7) Starrow Pan4716 (16 Feb 2008)
I don't see much good of sharing a simple formula compared to existing action and field.
@3, We can't even write a subroutine with @Function, how could we use a library of it.
8) Christopher Boote6132 (20 Aug 2009)
While I've approved this, a part of me says "if the views have the same selection formula, couldn't we make do with just one view?"


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