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: Dwain Wuerfel2755 09 Apr 2011
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We have all encountered that helpful reminder that an element inherits from a template when doing an edit which is a great thing.  If you have ever used the Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI) product you have likely used the "Where Used" action which gives you a dialog box showing the different activities and connections that the particular item is being referenced at which can also be very helpful.  With designer now running on eclipse you also have the ability to do a search on a individual database, a working set, or your workspace which is a great step forward (at least in my humble mind).
There is an OpenNTF project, LotusScript Manager, that works very nicely to do pretty much this type of thing except that it is only within the current application or maybe a subset of applications you select.  There is also a product called PowerTools that can be used to do this, but I believe you have to run a report on each server.
My Idea
Have these things all sort of combined into a server task I would guess.  What I basically mean is that if I have a design element in application A that I am referencing from a design element in application B, same/different server or same/different domain, and if I go to make any edits to that design element I would be prompted like I do with a template, then I could use the "Where Used" LEI feature to get a list of the server/database/design element(s) that reference this item and take it a step further and use the eclipse search/replace to make any necessary updates (of course in some cases updates would have to be manually made).
Yes, extending this to the applicaton level would also be helpful so that when you move an application or delete an application you would get this same prompt.
I know it is crazy to think this will be implemented, but I cannot be the only developer that has taken over an application from a previous developer and made changes to it only to find out that the application or design element is being referenced by another application which I have now broken.
Sure, you can comment all day in your agent/script about the applications/design elements being used, but how does that help you when changing a view in the application being referenced?
Thanks in advance

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