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Buttons should have a 'No Focus on Click' property 
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: Domino Designer
: form, button, focus
: Theo Heselmans6409 15 Mar 2008
: / Email
When you put a button above e.g. a RichText field, to perform a simple action as 'EditInsertFileAttachment', the user would like it to insert the attachment where the cursor is at that moment.
Currenty when clicking a button, this button get's the focus, and you don't know where the cursor/focus was before.
An action in the actionbar does not change the focus, but can only be positioned at the top.
So my idea to have a 'No Focus on Click' button-property would allow us developers to be more flexible in building a great UI.

1) Jan Schulz4393 (19 Mar 2008)
Yes, bitten by that only yesterday...
2) Starrow Pan4716 (21 Mar 2008)
I found that problem and used the action bar as a work-round.
A feature like that would be useful sometimes, but I don't think it's necessary considering the complexity it brings.
3) Charles Robinson5466 (19 May 2008)
I have worked around this by using keybd_event (a Windows API call) to stuff a Shift + Tab into the key buffer, then running my code from there. It's a hack, and sometimes it doesn't put the cursor back exactly where it was. Something built in would be nice.


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