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View "Applications" and remove applications shortcuts 
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: Domino Designer
: Applications Navigator, Working Set, remove
: Vlad Sh10448 29 Jan 2010
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When there is no access to the server:
1. Designer continually appeal to the server and slows. Can I do that this process was the background and not interfere with work?
2. and click on the title database and select "Remove" or press Del, at first for some reason is an attempt to the server and connect to the database, which leads to hang indefinitely and has no meaning, because in fact, I just delete the shortcut of the database.
3. and if the database was moved to another server, selecting from the context menu Replication>> Find Replica Notes client finds this database on another server, removes old workspace shortcut and instead allocates a new (to the new server). Designer In this context menu does not work. I wanted this to work similarly to the client Notes.
If the database once was on the Local, but it is removed, then:
1. when trying to access the database in the designer shortcut (eg glance properties), nothing happens - the window (and other windows) properties does not fly, the message that the database is missing, does not appear.
2. when you try to view the database structure ("Expand Application") flies out the message "Error: Server Unavailable", which is not true, because DB is on the Local;
After that fly a message to the proposal to delete "... application from this list"; need option to disable the appearance of this request (if I want to remove this application, I can just press Del, this is quite enough), the option "Show error notification in the Applications Navigator " on the appearance of this message is not affected.
Edit Working Set dialog:
If you remove the application from the list is made from the panel Applications Navigator, then propose to delete it from the current working set. Ability delete completely from the general list can be added to the window Edit Working Set. Remove, if you select record (column Title) and click Del.
P.S. Size of the window Edit Working Set allowed to change, I propose to save these changes; now whenever you try to open a window in the original size.

1) David Hablewitz15242 (20 Jul 2010)
Vlad, All the other issues aside, as a work around you might try playing with the timeout settings on the port.


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