Special Builder for Notes Java compilation, once Designer on Eclipse 
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: Axel Janssen6869 17 Dec 2007
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A lot of notes developers who want to start java development on their prefered platform are scared away by the well known recycle() and error-cleaning-up-agent-threads issue. For those with a bit more experience with and confidence in java, this is not so much of an issue. At least that has been my experience. And I think that there is no easy solution on the java-vm level, as it has to do with the way garbage collection works in java VMs and this stuff has to be optimized performance-wise.
Nevertheless to make starting with java in notes easier, IBM could  add  a  additional  Builder (special Eclipse stuff) to the compilation process of java artefacts in the future Notes-Designer-on-Eclipse. This builder could warn the developer, when it finds any code which is problematic with regard to "recycle()" or "error-cleaning-up-agent-threads". I think this is going to be quite easy to implement. There are allready lots of code analysis tools like checkstyle or pmd implemented as aditional Builder in eclipse plug-ins.
The builder is called automatically, when some java code is compiled. Issues found by the builder are shown in the well known Eclipse "problems view" as warnings.
This code checking is triggered each time some java code is compiled in Notes-Designer on Eclipse. It won't take much time. The warnings look like the yellow things in the image added.

1) Kerr Rainey4990 (17 Dec 2007)
OK, I was half way through writing a disagreement before I realised what it was you were actually talking about.

Correct me if I'm wrong but what you want is essentially extra warnings during the build (normally automatically gong on the background every time you change something) so that common errors are flagged up.

I'll go with something like that.
2) Axel Janssen6869 (17 Dec 2007)
Kerr. You are absolutely right.
It is indeed very unobtrusive and works completly automated.
Like in the picture I am going to add.
Warning for recycle()-problems could be:
- "A Notes Object was initialized but not Recycled"
or "A Notes Database Object was recycled in a Notes Agent. You should not do that."


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