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JavaAPI for Servertasks - Documented and Supported 
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: Werner Novak1161 07 Jan 2008
: / Email
I'd like to see Java Servertasks being documented and supported by IBM ! It will be easier to write servertasks by your own.

1) Rob Goudvis6585 (08 Jan 2008)
Why limit it to Java Servertasks?
2) Eric Wilson1606 (28 Jan 2008)
It sure would be useful to be able to write server addin-in tasks in Java. This would make it easier to write for multiple platforms and would lower the bar to entry since so many developers are adept at Java but not C.
3) Bob Balfe658 (29 Jul 2009)
What about the server supporting the Eclipse plugin architecture? This way there could be a series of extension points you can subscribe to for extending a given function of the server. ie. document writes, adminp, router, etc.
4) Richard Schwartz3723 (29 Jul 2009)
Bob -- I'm totally mystified re how Eclipse could fit in on the server-side. There is an established API for hooking Notes API events on the Domino, known as the Extension Manager. IMHO, the way to go is to leverage that as a way to invoke Java cod, and extend it with additional events as needed. What value would inserting the Eclipse plugin model bring over and above that?
5) Grant Lindsay686 (30 Jul 2009)
Platform independent, server-side plug-ins/extensions/hooks/(whatever) would be a dream come true.

Of course, the details could wreck this dream, but the idea of it is very alluring.
6) Julian Buss225 (31 Jul 2009)
I would be very happy if the *existing* Java API for server task would be documented and officially supported.

I DO NOT want a far more complicated Eclipse API!

Today, I can learn how to write a java server task a couple of hours if I know some Java.
With Eclipse, one would need days or even weeks until he can start writing actual code, since standard Java and Eclipse Plugins are very, very different things as far as I can see.
7) John Dalsgaard50 (02 Aug 2009)
I played with this in an earlier version (6.5 or 7.0 I think). It worked (as a sort of proof of concept) - but I did not dare to write production code with this unsupported feature :-)

I would love to be able to write cross-platform code that could benefit from the server tasks' events or as server tasks on their own.

Thumbs up!!!

8) John Foldager620 (04 Aug 2009)
Would be really great to be able to create cross platform server-side plugins/extensions.

I would love to be able to catch creations/updates/deletions etc. in a specific database, databases in a given directory etc.

BUT... I would also really love to be able to do this on the client side! It would give us tremendous possibilities of extending Notes for any purpose.

Thumbs up!!!


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