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: save as, pdf
: Craig Wiseman24988 25 Feb 2011
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Please add an option: File: Save as PDF to the default menu options.
The underlying capability is already there (built into eclipse)... it just needs to be surfaced. This should act just like the Print dialog and let you choose document or view, etc.

1) Eric Forte141 (25 Feb 2011)
Oh, Amen to that! Back in the day, it was convenient to do exports to RTF and then all of the export settings changed in the notes.ini. But export to PDF should be mandatory! Excellent idea!
2) David Hablewitz15116 (25 Feb 2011)
You had me for a moment. I have Adobe CS5, so I have some options available for this that aren't there normally.

There is free software available to print to PDF. I agree the functionality is needed (I have a client who has to do this as a part of their mission-critical workflow) though I don't think it should be under the Save menu. That would create confusion for some users. It would be more appropriate in the Export or Print menus. I can already print to PDF.
3) Craig Wiseman24988 (04 Mar 2011)
While I'm asking for things, this process should also include any attachments in the resulting PDF.
4) Craig Wiseman24988 (04 Mar 2011)
@2 I thought about a number of ways to surface this feature, and ended up trying to match the way that Office 2010, WordPerfect 14, etc., have addressed it. Mainly because I didn't see any real reason to be different.

Oh, and on a side note - Notes prints?

5) Bruce Lill10666 (09 Mar 2011)
Symphony provides a save as pdf, at if Symphony is embedded it should provide for Notes client use.
6) Brian Graham399 (09 Aug 2011)
I'd even love it if the 'save as' would allow us to save as "TEXT". Granted "Export" allows this, but how many other programs offer "save as" with many options instead of having to use "export"! Coincide with other IT standards that most have adopted.


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