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: Mark Demicoli11797 04 Jun 2010
: / Email
8.5.1, and indeed every version of Designer since "Nam" have introduced wonderful and innovative new features.
A complimentary feature which would be excellent would be the introduction of minor regressions, rather than enormous bug monsters with practically every release.
Yes I know many of you will attack me for not using the 'right forum for bugs', but please entertain me for just a moment, as I'm attempting to 'strike the root' and create a measure of influence for all our good.
I am led to believe, from experience mostly, that major development platforms don't normally reach Gold release level with items like:
* New scripting (LotusScript) interface that almost always reports the wrong error line number in the debugger
* New scripting (LotusScript) interface that becomes drunk with erroneous red error indicators several times a day
* New scripting (LotusScript) interface that sometimes fails to update design regardless of how many times one tries to save, with updates stuck in mysterious (yet well conceived) design caching mechanism to make script development faster.
8.5.1 is a dream compared to 8.5, but are we right to demand an even higher standard?  And if not, is it too technically challenging or politically savoury to address major problems in a timely manner? (ie must we wait 12 months for the above monsters to be recfified)?
I am not asking for bug fixes, I am campaigning for a change of culture.  A new Feature of Domino Designer QA culture, if you will.
But I do not really qualified to preach. My website is a sophisticated Domino-based SAS application which has often suffered from the same imbalance of innovation versus quality, so I understand the savour of the imbalanced focus.
However, on the eve of my transformation, I am proposing a dialogue and not serving an indightment, as one would thoughtfully react to a lifelong friend.  We are a family after all.
However, like the software I love and swear by, I now regress.

1) Pettrie de Bondt61 (07 Jun 2010)
A difficult subject. I do a lot of work in the Notes Designer and I do like the new type-ahead function. But please update the Notes 8.5.1. designer, there are so many bugs in it. And it crashes so many times.
For example:
1. Delete a function, now the text pane shows the next function where as the function pane does not!
2. Open a form, with a subform, open the subform, change it, save it. The * in the title to indicate the subform is not saved does not go away.
3. Open a Java agent, where is the classes + function(s) pane gone?

well the list goes on. It is not that Notes is a bad piece of software on the contrary, but IBM should fix these relatively small bugs faster!
2) Peter Presnell26659 (09 Jun 2010)
I sometimes wonder the extent to which automated unit tests are conducted against each release of Lotus Notes and just how extensive those tests are. It seems to me that a lot more of the bugs could be found with automated tests if IBM invested more time into QA.
3) Bas van Gestel2808 (11 Aug 2010)
Hmm.. tough one.. I am glad they got it out. If they would have to spend an extra year on QA/testing I wouldn't be happy as well.


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