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: Tom Oneil2336 29 Jan 2008
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When adding a picture to a form in the Notes Designer. Allow the size properties to be locked and make it locked as the default.
I can't tell you how many times I click on a picture to add a hotspot and the thing resizes.

1) Christian Brandlehner1762 (29 Jan 2008)
The root cause is that clicking on a picture may resize a picture by accident, being able to resize it using the properties box is OK.
2) Devin Olson890 (29 Jan 2008)
YES!!! What a gigantic PIA to have to resize an image every time I “touch” it in designer.
3) The Turtle832 (29 Jan 2008)
This has been a long-time problem, particularly with tiny graphics like bullets, where you might accidentally resize it so small you then can't grab it again to right-click it!
4) Paul Davies12381 (30 Jan 2008)
even if you don't end up resizing it - trying to get a handle on the hotspot can be quite awkward
5) Erik Brooks795 (10 Feb 2008)
How about making this a global Designer preferences setting?

[x] Do not allow drag-resize on images
6) Harkpabst Meliantrop3248 (12 Feb 2008)
Excellent, Erik. But even if they had to hard-code this into designer, no drag-resize would be better than what we have!
And if it came at the cost of not being able to resize a picture at all, I'd still prefer that.
7) Starrow Pan4716 (15 Feb 2008)
I think the current way to drag-resize picture has obvious flaw. If you click on the little black right lower part of a image--almost impossible to avoid for a small picture-- it'll resize.
Why not adopt a way like Microsoft does in resize objects in multiple products, first display a "cross" handle than accept drag-resize?
8) Tom Oneil2336 (15 Feb 2008)
Isn't there a filter for the M-word on this site?


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