Input enabled formula should not change the text color (at least not in the read mode) 
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: text color, input enabled, field
: Lasse Jarvinen894 30 Nov 2010
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When input enable formula returns false the text on the field becomes tan (even in read mode). It makes the text hard to read even on white background. The selected text color should remain at least in read mode or there should be possibility to select the text color when input is disabled.
In version 7 the text color does not change for Notes style fields but at least in 8.5.2 it does. Of course you can you can use computed for display fields and hide-when formulas but that takes away the whole idea of using the Input enabled formula (+ you have to fix all the applications that worked well with version 7 client).

1) Timothy Briley133 (06 Jan 2011)
In version 7, the value of "input enabled" simply determines if the field is going to be editable or Read Only. The color doesn't change.

Somebody at Lotus thought that the color needed to change as well and made the change in the Notes 8.xx codestream. Whoever you are, what the heck were you thinking? While technically it's not a bug, my users sure think it is.
2) Timothy Briley133 (13 Jan 2011)
BTW, there are some variations. Strangely enough, it doesn't look as bad on the Lotus Notes 8.5.2 Basic client as it does on the Standard client. It looks worse on the Lotus 8.5.2 Standard client on XP than it does on Windows 7. And yes, all three PC's are displaying at their monitors standard resolution with a font display at 100%
3) Michelle O'Rorke1352 (25 Feb 2011)
Notes 8.x uses a system color for disabled fields. On Windows 7 this is the 'Disabled Items' color and defaults to a dark grey and users can change it. Given Notes is a multi-OS product I can see the logic of using a system setting.

Unfortunately on Windows XP this color is a horrid yellow\grey. You can't change the property directly under Windows XP - just the 3D objects color which will change dialog boxes, Notes action bars set to use 'System' color, etc.

So I say - don't bother changing Notes, there are higher priority things to fix (but I agree that it is annoying. A form I have recently built and tested on my Win7 machine looks awful on my user's XP boxes and now I have to decide if I can re-build the form or find a work around as we won't be rolling out Win7 to the users for another year or so).
4) Lasse Jarvinen894 (03 Aug 2011)
@3) Thank you for the information Michelle. I still think that developer should at least have the option to force the font color. How do you select the proper background color if you don't know what the font color will be?


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