Rename Lotusscript Functions and variables and auto-update all references 
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: Domino Designer
: lotusscript, function, variables
: Ferry Kranenburg856 28 Oct 2009
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If you rename a function in a script library it should auto update all referenced design elements that uses that function. The same for local / global variables.

1) Peter von Stöckel5721 (29 Oct 2009)
I may want to rename a function so I can test a temporary function with the same name, which wouldn't work with this functionality.

The risk for so many unforeseen effects could be the result of this idea. Search/Replace usually works for me.
2) Matt White13605 (29 Oct 2009)
Now that we're in Eclipse for Domino Designer, hopefully we'll be able to leverage the Refactoring tools that are built into Eclipse as standard.
3) Bruce Currier9788 (29 Oct 2009)
I think this is a really good idea, but maybe to alleviate Peter's concern, there could be an option when renaming on whether to update all references.
4) Ferry Kranenburg856 (29 Oct 2009)
Well it should be a right-click + 'rename' function, but to temporary rename the function yourself should not be a problem then. Take a look how microsoft solved this in their .NET environments. You can both manually rename your function, and rename it with the rename function with a right-click.
5) Peter Presnell28487 (30 Oct 2009)
I think your on the right track Ferry. I would prefer to see this done as part of a refactor function rather than a simple rename. This would then also pick up renames for classes and variables. per Matt. I am curious to know to what extent the existing Eclipse capabilities can be used.
6) Dan Sickles1725 (09 Nov 2009)
The existing Eclipse refactoring capabilities can be used to the extent that the AST is available to the refactoring APIs. A parse tree from the editor isn't going to cut it. Refactoring requires deep semantic knowledge of the code.

If IBM is producing a Lotusscript parser->AST in Java, well then...let the community have at it.
7) Rob Goudvis8695 (23 Nov 2009)
It s mandatory that the rename process has knowledge of the the code, since you could have used identical names in different classes (sometime wise, and sometimes foulish).
8) Vlad Sh10679 (26 Nov 2009)
I agree, but let a record of all substitutions (occurrence) is stored in log.nsf.


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