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Add document interlinking to Quickr Libraries. 
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: Alberto Ernestini857 01 Oct 2009
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The goal is this :
Why i have to use Quickr? Because i can have teamspaces, i can share documents, i can do checkout/checkin of almost "any" document type.
So this could mean that i can "move" most (or all?) the files that i may have on a file library and share them with the Lotus Quickr library using a much stable controls ( better folder permissions on Quickr portal!) and make the user taste the difference from a simple "file server".
The problem is, if the customer has documents that contains links to other documents they will get lost after the "migration".
And he cannot make them again because of the actual Quickr library "structure" .
I cannot "map" a library like a F:\ drive and my application (Openoffice writer by example??) could not reach directly the place for insert a link to another document on my library.
Same if i have Office connectors.
This is a big limitation that currently makes for us Quickr hard to sell...
So IBM think to build up a "new" quickr connector that can link the user libraries as a standard Shared drive.

1) Joseph Hoetzl4703 (01 Oct 2009)
Hmm, not sure if I am following you, but I'd rather never be tied to mapped drive letters, which could just as easily break.

I do see a potential need to be able to link to another document, but all I can link to is the URL of the post/page in quickr that contains that document.

I do think it would be nice if the connectors worked in documents the same way they do when dragging a link into an email for example.
2) Eric Lohry2715 (28 Oct 2010)
We have several complex Excel spreadsheets that either refer to SQL data or to other spreadsheets. This is fairly common. (I spoke with an executive running SAP in a Fortune 500 company and they said when it gets right down to it - most of the analysis is done on spreadsheets) .

These special linked documents are sitting on basic Microsoft file servers.

If they could be on Quickr, we could more easily "publish" them while controlling who has editing access. They could be accessed securely using a web browser and possibly an iPhone.


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