Allow only numbers in a number field 
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: Bastian Wieczorek8390 29 Feb 2008
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Why can the user enter some non-number characters in a number field? Why isn´t this blocked just in time? It should be possible
Only when he save the form/document he will get a "cannot convert text to number" error message and this produces some user-frustrations.
What I would like to see is a just-in-time check if the user enter only number or a better way... let him enter only numbers and when he press a character block the input.

1) Harkpabst Meliantrop3799 (01 Mar 2008)
What about scientific notation? If 1.23E4 must be an allowed input, so must 1.23E. You could argue, that in this case some validation should kick in onBlur, but that's just what you can do now.
All in all, I'm not convinced, that blocking non-numerical characters is simple to do, nor really necessary.
2) Theo Heselmans9557 (03 Mar 2008)
I think it's a good idea, but why not add an 'input mask' field to each field's properties.
This is how it works in MS Access:
0 A single digit
9 A single digit or space
# A digit, space, + or –
L An alphabetical character
? A letter
A A letter or a digit
a A letter, a digit, or nothing
& A character or space
C A character, space, or nothing
. A decimal place holder; for US English, this would be the period
, Thousand separator; for US English, this would be a comma
:;-/ Date and time separator, as specified in the Regional Settings of Control Panel
< A letter; the letter will be converted to lowercase
> A letter; the letter will be converted to uppercase
! Anything; the mask is filled from right to left for this position
| Anything; the character that follows this one will be displayed itself. For example, if you type |L, the letter L would be displayed instead of being used as a mask

This would allow the developer to be in control of the input !
3) Paul Davies13558 (03 Mar 2008)
this should either be left as is or an entire (optional) input-mask solution should be put in place to accommodate date fields as well, however I find that Input masks are quite difficult for end users to use, and you always get the problem of internationalisation with regard to phone numbers, zip/postal codes etc.

4) Julian Woodward2032 (16 Mar 2008)
@2 Input masks would be good, yes
@3 If there was a preset list of them for common cases, with the actual mask shown as well, then that might help devs to learn the syntax to define their own
5) Morten Clausen663 (28 Mar 2008)
Input-masks would be good. Esp. if it could also be used in date-fields. Any user capable of spelling "Tomorrow" on the first go would also be able to understand that dates are numbers and dashes only, no text...
6) Christopher Boote10606 (11 Aug 2009)
Id this was asking for input masks it would get a 'promote' but as it is, I think there are better things to spend dev time on
7) Wayne Sobers1170 (23 Feb 2010)
The lack of this feature is one of the issues that cause people to drop Notes as a dev platform. Other app development packages have had this feature for decades.


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