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Make Notes Ready for Version Control Systems (like cvs, subversion and Rational Clear Case) 
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: Domino Designer
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: Axel Janssen5023 21 Dec 2007
: / Email
 Version Control Systems are pretty agnostic towards the programming language being used. The only important requirement for being usefull is, that the design elements of the application (in this case Notes Database) can be sliced in smaller entities.
Now it would be great
1. if all design elements (like notes-form, notes-view, notes-subview, notes-agent, etc) and resources could be converted into dxl.
2. The database could be reproduced from those dxl entities. 
Both in a completly transparent way without requiring more effort from the programmer than the click of a button.
Then it should be possible to effectively use those popular version control systems for Domino development.
Often its critiziced that Domino is not being taken serious as "real development" (whatever that actually is) . A message that Domino is ready for version control systems would be great not only for making colaborative development more productive, but also for marketing purposes.

1) Peter Presnell26659 (21 Dec 2007)
Code control with TeamStudio CIAO works fine....
2) Dan Sickles1710 (22 Dec 2007)
Designer on Eclipse will make this easier. The resource model of the IDE allows for code to come from anywhere. If VCS integration is not on the roadmap, this is a good opportunity. I agree that transparency is important, working a VCS is not a requirement.

CIAO (which I use everyday at my day job) is just now getting branching and merging. We'd all benefit from a little competition.
3) Patrick Kwinten22018 (11 Mar 2009)
@Peter: Code control with TeamStudio CIAO cost bucks (lots of)....
4) Henning Schmidt14 (28 Jul 2009)
I just learned today that I can't use standard version control systems like cvs or svn in DDE 8.5 / 8.5.1 and I was shocked. Why the hell did IBM integrate the designer into Eclipse and not make use of every feature that comes with it?

I hope they will address this very soon, hopefully in 8.5.2!


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