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Programming API for the Mail Database, Personal Address Book and Domino Directory  
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: Domino Designer
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: Jens Winkelmann380 08 Feb 2008
: / Email
I wish we have a programming API to access and edit the mail database, the
personal address book and the Domino Directory

The API must support LotusScript and Java.
It is not professional to create a document with field and than find out
which field has which meaning in which Notes version.

With the API a developer can easy without pain
- create appointments (in the backend)
- create a To Do with a notification alarm
- create a contact (in the backend)
- find out if a person is a memer of a group
- ...

Dim nmdb As New NotesMailDatabase
Dim nmap As NotesMailAppointment
Set nmap = nmdb.CreateMailAppointment
nmap.StartDate = Now()
nmap.EndDate = Now()
nmap.NotifyMe = True
Dim ndd AS NotesDominoDirectory
Set ndd = New NotesDominoDirectory( ndb )
Dim vntMembers As Variant
nvtMembers = ndd.GetMembersOfGroup( "Development" )

1) Rob Goudvis6585 (08 Feb 2008)
I think you do not mean an API, but you like to have a class that handles your wishes.

When talking about an API people usualy mean a set of functions that can be invoked from outside the actual target.

Anyway, I like the idea to have these new classes. They would save many programming hours of trial and error.
2) Paul Davies12381 (08 Feb 2008)
@1 yes - as a class not an API
3) Kerr Rainey3860 (08 Feb 2008)
There is a NotesDirectory class in ND8, though it's only LotusScript, not Java. I think that the Directory is a very good case of a place where an abstraction is very useful and they could expand on the current class, especially with the option to use an LDAP directory rather than native domino. Lets get a Java version in there for ND 8.5.

As for a specific API (class, whatever) for mail, calendaring, todo's etc, I'm a little less sure of. It really depends on what you want to do. If you just need to send a mail then you can do that very simply with the existing API. You don't need to know lots about the specifics of the memo form.

4) Stan Rogers1150 (08 Feb 2008)
This was actually floated in the ND6 & 7 forum by Chris Stoner:

{ Link }

I guess the 8 responses (one of which was from Alan Lepofsky) didn't exactly indicate a "flurry of interest". I mean, IdeaJam's cool and all, but when IBM throws us a bone and we turn up our collective nose, what can we expect?
5) Craig Wiseman21821 (11 Feb 2008)
I'm probably making too many connections here, but the 'user' entity and it's attributes should be bundled together ( { Link } ) and we should have a common API to call things like Calendar entries, To Dos, Contacts, journal, etc. Somewhat similar to what the MAPI interface does for Outlook.
6) Starrow Pan4716 (14 Feb 2008)
I had some similar ideas too. Such a class will be cool, especially in the circumstances of deciding whether a person is a group's member. It can be done by the developers themselves, but a out-of-box one will save a lot of time.
But as the functions rely on the underlying designs e.g. forms and views, it maybe need update with new version or customer changes to the related databases.


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