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Provide an easy way to put a corporate logo into the letterhead 
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: Oliver Regelmann4949 29 Feb 2008
: / Email
Probably the most often made customization of the mail database is to put a corporate logo into the letterhead. So why not allow an admin to do this without having to fiddle with the design?
Instead there could be a policy option to provide the logo.

1) Harkpabst Meliantrop3248 (02 Mar 2008)
Here's my point of view: For mails sent outside of the organization, a smooth transition of any letter head graphic is not really guaranteed. For mails sent within the organization, they don't make much sense anyway. So after all, my opinion is: No opinion.
2) Rob Goudvis6585 (03 Mar 2008)
You could setup a central service where company logos are stored (with a small fee?) and Notes will obtain the logo from there when needed. The obtained logo is stored in the receiver's database, so the logo does only need to be imported once. In general many people will only read mails from a limited number of other companies, so the overhead is limited.

Updates to a company logo can be handled by some kind of expiration date added to the original logo and an indication in the message that there is a new logo to be read.

The reader must have the ability to remove any of the obtained logos. This is like removing your cookies or your trusted sites.
3) Keith Brooks6783 (09 Mar 2008)
I just did such a project and for 15+ templates from R4-r8! What a pain and R4 series were different because Calendar Profile only came along in R5.
Internally it is always wanted/needed. Yes when it gets sent outside the company it is useless, but you know there is something about having your logo in your email.
Now about the mini size restriction issue....
4) Rupert Kiero-Watson14 (13 Mar 2008)
I did this as a project for a corporation trying to pull its disparate organisation into 1 corporate brand, identity. What a ridiculous process, plus most importantly it all has to be done again on every upgrade. Great for me, bad for everything else. Oh and finally it of course changes the signing on key elements. Lets be able to do this properly!
5) Karen Hooper4022 (25 Mar 2008)
we get requested by end users as well as IT departments if we can add the company logo as a letterhead option and many times we will go to Notes customers and they have already done it and boy is it ugly (typically). So I say allow them to add their company logo for internal mail but put controls around it so it stops the ugly factor.
6) Paul Graham101 (11 Jan 2010)
The latest version of Crossware Mail Signature supports adding graphical letterheads in all emails. Takes 30 minutes to implement - it is a piece of cake! No mail file hacking etc.

You can for example include a logo and postal address at the top of the email, and a standard signature with phone, email etc at the bottom.

You can download a trial version from the Crossware site at www.crossware.co.nz/mailsignature { Link }


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