Send funtion Should not Point to Recent Contacts 
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: Notes Client / Mail
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: Deb Carpenter1070 30 May 2008
: / Email
Release 8 has a new feature on the type-ahead for email addresses. It records email addresses on all those received and sent in the new view, "Recent Contacts", located in the Personal Address book. It is nice to have the type-ahead feature which gives you a history dropdown, similar to URL addresses in a browser. However, we have been seeing issues with this feature and have had to turn it off. Storing recent contact addresses has a similar affect of storing company email address in your contacts. If AdminP has to process a name change, it cannot change anything in a user's Personal Address book. Additionally, if a user types in the complete address using all lower case and at another time selected the same address from the company address book that used upper case, Recent Contacts records both as separate entries. When this happens, the next time the user attempts to email that address, an error occurs and the email cannot be sent until the user clears the Recent Contacts list. The send function appears to be looking at the Contact list and the Recent Contact list.

I'd like to keep the type-ahead historical feature, but would like to see the "Send" button not look at the "Recent Contacts" when emailing.

1) John Head1126 (30 May 2008)
no, i want it to use recent contacts, just not show any recent contact without an email address
2) Deb Carpenter1070 (31 May 2008)
I'm not saying omit the email address. When an email is sent from Notes, it first looks in your address book and then the company address book. I don't want it to look in the Recent Contacts view. This can cause problems with duplicate emails found.

The type-ahead feature would still give you the history from Recent Contacts which holds the email address, so you would still have the feature it was intended for.
3) Deb Carpenter1070 (19 Jun 2008)
The feature is nice, but if you are using custom designed databases and your organization uses more than one domain, issues will appear. The limitation has been documented by IBM as follows:

This issue has been determined by IBM to be a software limitation:

Title: Error: 'Unable to send mail...' when using LotusScript Send method
Doc #: 1153854
URL: { Link }

However, there is a work around to turn on the option that blocks Recent Contacts from being captured using the ini file:

Title: Is there a way to disable the Notes 8 Recent Contacts feature?
Doc #: 1267115
URL: { Link }


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