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XPages - Support Lotusscript WQO/WQS functionality 
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: XPages, Lotusscript
: Erik Brooks795 10 Jun 2009
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XPages don't work with LotusScript. At all. So those legacy apps, if they use WebQueryOpen or WebQuerySave agents, are looking for a forklift-style upgrade where you get to rewrite your agents and script libraries in Javascript and/or Java.
So a cool new technology requires a massive rewrite? Hmm.... sounds kinda like Microsoft.
But wait, it gets worse. The Notes client doesn't support XPages (yet). Oh, I'm sorry - did you need to use that app on the web AND in the Notes client? Well now you get to maintain your Lotusscript libraries for the Notes client, all while maintaining new Javascript/Java libraries for XPages on the web, right? Certainly you're ready to double your dev and testing efforts.
Notes 8.5.1 will get XPage support in the Notes client. This may mean we finally have a single dev road where we can simply write an app in XPages and it Just Works(tm) in browser or client. And that would be really, really fantastic. But (as far as I know) Xpages still aren't going to support LotusScript. So, again, any legacy apps will need major rewrites to take advantage of the new front-end.
It'd be great to see LotusScript support in XPages - at least basic WQO/WQS equivalent functionality.
More discussion on my blog:

1) Peter Presnell26659 (14 Jun 2009)
yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

I have seen some people respond to this suggestion by selling the virtues of javascript. Javascript is not a programming language, it is a scripting language. The last time I checked there was not even a way to declare data type for variables. Why do we need to use contrived workarounds such a dojo or prototype when we have a true programming language for thick client development.
2) Ben Poole1705 (01 Jul 2009)
Another area in which having the JVM compile LS would help :)
3) Wim Stevens645 (10 Dec 2010)
I fully agree. It is NOT acceptable that this new promising technology is not compatible with the past. This will be a reason for companies to migrate to some other product.
We have millions of lines of Lotusscript code. All business logic is coded in Lotusscript. We have no time to rewrite this.
4) Tommy Valand2746 (09 Feb 2011)
In Domino 8.5.2, you have NotesAgent.runWithDocumentContext( NotesDocument ). This should be marked as complete?


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