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: Keith Brooks6439 07 Jan 2009
: / Email
I recently experienced irate users who were unaware that their mails had not been sent due to some ISP issues.
The users were workign remotely and replicated to send mail.
They were upset because Notes never tells the user in an obvious way that their mail has NOT been sent.
You and I know they could check teh replicator page or they might have noticed in the fine print of their inbox lower message bar on the bottom something about mail sending failure but that's not very obvious or in their face.
We have a popup for New Mail, why not a similar one for sening mail?
anyone with alternatives or simple popup code for me to add to mail templates email me.

1) Oliver Regelmann6412 (08 Jan 2009)
I think a popup for every failed replication attempt would be too annoying.
2) Matt White13605 (08 Jan 2009)
Maybe a popup is too much, a count of "unsent" mail in the navigator in the same way that you have a count of unread mail in the inbox may be enough.
3) Paul Davies13558 (08 Jan 2009)
Promoted but for an option without a popup
4) Keith Brooks6439 (08 Jan 2009)
I agree not everyone wants/needs this option and a way to turn it off would be helpful for those that do not.
It's another thing from the Outlook people. I pointed out to them that what they "see" is the same as if they went to the replication page/tab.
But that's not how they see it because in Outlook the synch window popsup(unless you tell it not to) where the replicator page doesn't popup.
5) Bill Malchisky12192 (13 Jan 2009)
If the file is !(empty), there is a checkbox in the replication tab for the respective location document to prompt for replication in this scenario. This definitely alerts a user that their messages haven't gone.

Now, between shutdowns/Notes restarts, having a desktop/mail setting entry for "Prompt if local mail has not replicated in <n> replication cycles" would be good. Thus, the admin would get to set the threshold (e.g. n:n=5 cycles if a small replication frequency, or n=2 for larger cycles). And perhaps even set the error message as well.

I see scenarios where this would be helpful.
6) Bill Malchisky12192 (13 Jan 2009)
p.s. Maybe a pop-up with a link to the Replicator Page to see what's going-on?


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