Schema-aware type ahead feature. 
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: Giulio C748 05 Oct 2010
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Type ahead in 8.5 is pretty good, like most IDE's out there now, type ahead is quite a common and intuitive feature, but it needs to go a little further.
When coding script/java/whateva, the developer needs to remember what the name of fields are on a form before referring to them in code. Typically in larger/complex systems, I will not remember the hundreds of fields I use. I have to go open the form with the field in question and get the correct spelling so I can refer to it in code.
Extend type ahead to list all fields defined on forms. As multiple forms may have the same name list them like this.
fieldname - formname
So then I can see exactly which field I want to refer to. So, if I define a NotesDocument variable, any time i start typing out a property I should be able to see a list of matching properties and field names I have defined. At least I can see what fields I want to use, or know that I am coding an unlisted field onto a document..
I would expect that this is a relatively easy inclusion as all you need to do is look up relates to existing meta data in a Domino database.

1) Peter von Stöckel5721 (05 Oct 2010)
OK, so with a hundred forms in your database, where 20 have more than 100 fields each, and almost all of them uses at least 1 subform, with at least 10 fields per subform, how long do you want to wait before the type-ahead box pops up?
2) Giulio C748 (05 Oct 2010)
@Peter. A good question on particularly large designs. I can't see why this sort of lookup wouldn't take any more than 0.5 seconds to load into a cache whilst creating a new script library or starting the script editor, and be virtually immediate once you're typing. And in cases where there are duplicate field names across different forms, just append them on the same line. Like :

fieldname - Form-name, form-name, form-name, subform-name [subform]

And being able to enable/disable this feature from the user preferences would make it complete.

I would not suggest that it dynamically load up and check design elements upon each new line, BTW no other IDE does it that way either.

This is well within Eclipses capabilities already, and it shouldn't be hard to detect changes to the internal field schemas on forms when a developer hits the save button on form design changes, and it re-loads the cache.

How long would it take to pull out a few thousand text characters from 400-500 elements in the worst case, about 1 second ? Which would still be faster than a developer can switch back to the script library and continue bashing code.
3) Peter von Stöckel5721 (05 Oct 2010)
@Giulio: The only way I can see this working is if there is a preference, and the default is off. Most developers I know work on a shared server that is far away from them. Some of them have to do their work on slow lines, like connected via VPN to the customer's network. Your 0.5 seconds to load into cache, could be more like 2 - 3 minutes. We can't all do our development locally, or on a development server standing next to us.
4) Giulio C748 (06 Oct 2010)
"Most of the developers I know".. 3 developers does not make a majority ;)

For those who are "bit-rate impaired" by slow lines can survive with the setting "off" as you so keenly desire. But frankly, it's hardly a logical reason to not implement such technology because some people have slow lines, and I don't think it's going to take 2-3 minutes, for some text. By that measure, you would have to infer then that it would take about 10 minutes to load up a simple form or view in the designer. Hardly worth the trouble.

At any rate, all the current IDE's implement this sort of concept and don't suffer any performance issues. Granted that they read through local source code, and Domino has to do a lookup. I hope your ISP/Telecoms company upgrade your Internet infrastructure out there in Stenungsund so you can obtain the amazing and life-changing benefits of schema-aware type ahead if it gets implemented.
5) Michael Tassati5289 (12 Oct 2010)
This is Lotus Notes design - you may show and edit data with different forms and in this case you could not seperate data from form A and form B. This is not a mistake!!! THIS IS A FEATURE!


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