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: Bastian Wieczorek8390 28 Nov 2007
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Some of my Lotus Domino 8 Servers and a 7.0.2 Webserver are running very well on Ubuntu (Debian) Linux. It is a very stable Operation System and it saves me from license costs.
BUT IBM doesn´t Support this OS. Only cost-intensive platforms are supported.

1) John Head1126 (28 Nov 2007)
I ask again, what are you willing to lose for official support of Debian? Enterprise customers want Linux versions with support. So RHEL and SUSE won't go away. What do we give up?
2) Bill Malchisky12192 (28 Nov 2007)
John brings up a good point. Ubuntu is based upon Debian Linux and there is strong interest for that build. To @1's point, at what cost? What would we gain by having development dollars spent there versus improving and evolving Domino on RHEL and SLES?

No enterprise-class company will purchase any OS sans a support model to match their needs. Further more, most companies will run away from a free OS except for development purposes (in some cases), as there is a stigma of free being unsupported commercially. Domino may run well on various forms of Linux, and other unsupported OSs (e.g. XP), but the initial costs plus on-going maintenance for successive builds and testing grows exponentially (or close to that) with each new Lotus product as it all needs to be tested and supported.

Without a strong customer demand for that particular OS versus RHEL and SLES, there is no reason for IBM to invest the significant cash outlay for Debian. What would they gain by doing so?

Having stated that, if you want to support your clients on that OS, you can do so, but your ability to get support from Lotus would be impeded. I know some vendors will use this approach (b/c a client is unable to use a particular Windows SP, or a preference for one OS over another with that customer). So, it is an option. YMMV.

Again, I am a very strong advocate of Domino on Linux. With the excellent support and products being rolled-out for Linux today ("Thank you, Lotus."), I would rather have development dollars channeled on better GUI fixes, SMTP, and mail issues, many of which are presented within this forum, than a niche distro lacking enterprise capabilities. Debian is a solid quality OS--no argument there; but at this time, it is perhaps best for situations as you described (for internal use), rather than a full-blown certified build from IBM Lotus.


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