Custom Domino HTTP Error Message Configuration 
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: Domino Server / Web application server
: http, 404, error
: Declan Lynch710 14 Mar 2008
: / Email
while it's possible to use domcfg.nsf to map some types of http errors to special forms in the domcfg.nsf database the level of control it provides is not great and relies on the Domino administrator to work with the designer to edit that particular database and create the mappings etc.
I therefore propose that a new method for http error messages be added to the Domino HTTP stack. Basically a developer would be able to add a '$$HTTPMessage XXX' form to a notes database where XXX is a standard http error number. So if a '$$HTTPMessage 404' exists in the database and an enduser links to a nonexistant document in the database this is returned ( with the correct HTTP Headers to signifiy it is infact a 404'. If the form does not exist in the database then it could fall back to that form in the domcfg.nsf database. the domcfg.nsf would also be used in the case where the request that generated the 404 did not reference an existing database.

1) Stephan H. Wissel1981 (15 Mar 2008)
There might be other options being more flexible. Having a property per server (in the domcfg), database and form (with increasing priority) what to call on an error (could be a static url, a page, a form, an agent, a view, 911) would be more flexible.
You could then have a single error mechanism for a group of databases.
2) Jens Polster2418 (15 Mar 2008)
I'd like a combination of Declan's idea and Stephan's comment. The ability to apply server-wide settings to redirect all or some of the error codes to specific design elements and also a way to have different settings on the database level. In the database it would not necessarily have to be forms, it could be any design element named "$$HTTPMessage XXX" which ic capable of rendering the output necessary.
3) David Vasta2524 (29 Mar 2008)
Long Over Due - Make it simple IBM. Come on it's time to start thinking on how you can make the product simple to admin and configure. I agree
4) Bruce Lill10666 (29 Oct 2009)
There are forms current for http errors:

With all of these you can add code to check the field MessageString and dispaly more info to help the user with their problem.

Also you can set an error page per server for 404 errors on files stored in the OS file system.

Won't these work?


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